Zakir Naik incites Islamic nations to put non-Muslim Indians behind bars if they abuse Prophet

The controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik has incited the gulf countries to put non-Muslim Indians in jail if they insult Islam or the Prophet. He also urged them to create a database of such Indians so that they can be booked when they arrive in the gulf countries.

In a video message, Zakir Naik can be heard saying, ” Next time if they come to a gulf country, whether it’s Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai or Indonesia, check if they have abused the Islam or insulted Prophet and then bring them to the task and file a case against them and put them behind the bars.”

He continues to say that all the BJP bhakts are spreading venom against Islam and Muslims.

“Make it public that we have a database and do not reveal names. The moment they come, arrest them, take them to the court of law and give them punishment. Believe me, most of the people who are BJP bhakts spreading venom against Islam and Muslims will get scared,” he added.