Our Mission

The River Indus is synonymous with our civilization. It is on the banks of this ancient river that our great rishis and visionaries sowed the seeds of an all encompassing vision that is eternal and universal. Clear and resplendent water of the Indus irrigated it and the fertile soil of this land nourished and nurtured it. As Sri Aurobindo puts it: “This great and ancient nation was once the fountain of human light, the apex of human civilization, the exemplar of courage and humanity, the perfection of good government and settled society, the mother of all religions, the teacher of all wisdom and philosophy.”

Time has come to reclaim the glory and recover the pride that has been trampled into the soil by the ideologies of hate and destruction.

Time has come to reclaim the glory and recover the pride that has been trampled into the soil by these ideologies of hate and destruction. The new day has dawned. A new future has to be built. But what should be the foundation on which the new building is erected? Swami Vivekananda says it is religion.“Each nation has a main current in life; in India it’s religion. Make it strong and the waters on either side must move along with it.” We have to move forward. The path has already been laid by our rishis and saints.
Anuhutah punarehi vidwanudayanam padhah
Aarohanakramanam jeevatho jeevathoayanama (Atharv Veda 5.30.7)
We should move forward on the path shown by our elders. ‘Rise and move forward’ is the life’s way.
We have a global mission too == Krinwanto vishwam aaryam (Let us make the world noble). Guruji Golwarkar says, “….a sacred duty and trust is cast upon us of bringing home to the entire humanity the sublime truths embedded in our Dharma and that the various ills and challenges being faced by it could be met successfully on the basis of the all-comprehensive, scientific yet spiritual outlook of Hinduism.”
Indusscrolls.com is a humble effort in this direction. It’s not just a repository of information on HInduism; it’s an idea, a vision and a mission. It’s an experience; a manthan; a search for truth; an attempt to unravel the glories of our land and new-mould our national life, our thinking process. It’s a parikrama around this great land to reveal the dynamic forces that drive and sustain our civilization. It’s a journey to discover the soul of India.
Let the life-giving waters of Indus drench our minds.