Our Projects

Satvik Food Movement

Sariram aadhyam ghalu dharma sadhanam
(This body is the most important tool to practice Dharma)Unhealthy food is the cause of 80% of the health problems humans face. Indus Scrolls proposes to launch a campaign to promote safe and organic foods.

Sabari Janani Scheme

The scheme aims to provide financial/medical assistance to single mothers who have become victims of exploitation by scrupulous and anti-social elements.

Sabari Vidya Scheme

Sabari datta phalasana Ram
(Salutations to Lord Ram, who savoured the half-eaten berries given by Sabari, the tribal woman)Lord Ram was the epitome of equality, generosity and fairness. During his stay in forest, he was invited by Sabari, an old tribal devotee of Ram, to her hut. Ram preferred illiterate Sabari to other rishis