Wears Hijab, abstain from wearing bindi – yet Kerala Muslim who locked up Hindu girl for 10 years says he did not convert her!

10 years locked up in a tiny room, the Hindu girl who was locked up by her living in Muslim partner doesn’t wear bindi, but she covers her head with hijab! However, the man who behaves mentally sick says that he hasn’t converted her to Islam! People in Kerala who are still unable to believe the unusual story narrated by the man can’t understand when he says he didn’t ask her to convert, but it is her personal choice!

Justification similar to this has been a part of all stories that we have heard when a person from Muslim community marries a Hindu or Christian girl and converts her. Unfortunately, these innocent girls understand the real face only when it is too late. Coincidently, it was yesterday we heard another story where a Hindu girl gave her death sentence that it was her living in Muslim partner who set her ablaze.

Sajitha was locked up in a single room of Rahman’s house for ten years. There was a small window through which the girl went out during the night for her daily ablutions. Rahman claims that they didn’t want people to know the story of their love affair as they belong to different religions. It was when his brother accidentally met Rahman who went missing from home three months ago he informs the police of the incident.

The world heard the entire story with disbelief that a young woman had lived in a single room for ten years without even knowing the others in the house. Both had made it clear that they had chosen such a life out of fear of Rahman’s family. As the story came out public, there were strong allegations that Rahman had converted Sajitha however Rahman has never admitted the same.

Unfortunately there are still Hindu and Christian girls who falls victims of love jihad that is happening now in every nuke and corner of India.

Ananta Ram Bharati