UP Hindu saint found hanging in temple premises, locals allege lynching

While the lynching of two Sadhus in Maharashtra still remains as a shock to Hindus across the world, another such incident is drawing the attention where the body of a saint was found hanging in the premises of a temple in UP.

The body of balayogi sadhu in Veer Baba temple premises in Sultanpur village in UP was found hanging from a tree. Locals have come up with allegation of lynching of the Sadhu.

The deceased saint has been identified as 22-year-old Balayogi Satyendra Anand Saraswati Maharaj Naga Baba. As per reports, a case has been registered on unnatural death and a team of police officers are investigating the issue.

After the Hindu saint’s body was found hanging from a tree in the temple premises, locals have alleged that it is a case of murder. They have alleged that he was killed first, after which his body was hanged from the tree to make it look like suicide.

Anand Saraswati had come to Sultanpur from Himachal Pradesh, and was living in the Veer Baba Mandir in Chhatauna village for several years. After the news of his death spread on Thursday, a large number of crowd gathered at the temple.