TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, 30 August 2019


Today’s New Moon is a particularly concentrated, creative, and enlightening one, dear Aries. Sudden changes, new directions, and intense emotions characterize this time, and many of these relate to your work or self-care programs. Unforeseen events or opportunities push you into a new direction in your work or with health and wellbeing endeavors. These things can tie in with changes related to money or personal possessions. As your attitude towards your money and things changes, your routines or work can take new shape as well, and vice versa. You feel a little lighter or freer as the result of a burden that leaves you. You can come up with bright ideas on the job or with money. Letting go of fear can open up creativity and improve your health. This lunation brings a strong focus on the services you render, your working environment, your daily life, and health matters. You are likely to have extra energy for starting new projects, along these lines. You are coming across in a good light, particularly for your work or attention to detail. You might hear of a new health and wellness program or method now that might be a little outside of the box, but that seems encouraging. The weeks ahead are fantastic for reorganizing or sorting through something that requires attention to detail.


The New Moon today brings a strong focus on the part of you that needs to express yourself in unique and individual ways, dear Taurus. It fuels you with the energy and confidence to find channels for this desire in the coming weeks. Romantic urges are strong, as they are every year around this time, but this year, some of your desires are surprising, different, and new. The same is true of your creative urges. You’re likely to explore new hobbies and forms of entertainment. Emotions are dominating today, and so are romantic impulses. You can be feeling particularly protective or possessive of a romantic partner or creative work. While you may need to loosen your grip a little, it can motivate you to push a little harder, and you may appreciate this now. Your courage builds, especially when it comes to sharing yourself with others, and creative enthusiasm is with you. You are heading into a very dynamic period for personal relationships and self-expression. You may revive or begin rewarding hobbies, enjoy healthier relationships with children, and possibly fall in love or enjoy new channels for expressing and enjoying yourself to the full.


New interests and areas of focus are likely with a New Moon occurring today, dear Gemini. Ease into your new beginnings now, but enjoy the feeling that you can have a fresh start. This New Moon brings a strong focus on home and family now and in the coming weeks. Unusual desires can emerge that spur you to find new ways to express yourself on the domestic front. Redecorating with a whole new design or theme may be a desire, for example. Whatever the case, you have added energy at your disposal to spend on family and property matters. You have a way of bringing others together, and their cooperation means a lot to you. A craving for more emotional interaction or a deeper connection with someone can figure strongly. You may come up with inspiring and creative ways to improve your home or to enjoy family. Surprises may be in store with your feelings and affections. This is a strong time for making long-term, future-securing plans, renovations or reorganizing in the home, and family activities.


Today’s New Moon can be motivating, stimulating new interests, dear Cancer. As your interests change, you’re likely to make unusual connections. You’re in great shape for dabbling in various projects and keeping abreast of the goings-on around you now and in the weeks ahead. You’re exposed to ideas that open new worlds for you now, and you can be particularly excited about a project. Mental stimulation and variety are motivators. Opportunities can come from or through friends, groups, meetings, and communications. Exploring different ways of relating and communicating can be satisfying. Efforts to learn or develop skills are favored. Breakthrough thinking or sudden, positive discoveries can happen, and freeing yourself from a burdensome commitment or chore may figure strongly. The coming weeks are favorable for new writing projects, friendships, courses, transportation opportunities, and relationships with siblings and neighbors. Today, aim to listen to your hunches but avoid taking action on them until you’re sure of yourself.


This morning’s New Moon fuels your enthusiasm and drive to take charge of personal matters of security, money, and business matters, dear Leo. You’re looking to feel stable, supported, and secure, and you’re ready to make it happen! Your initiative is stronger than usual, and you’re willing to try something new or approach your life in a new and unique way. There can be a breakthrough, whether in method or attitude, relative to your career, responsibilities, long-term plans, or reputation. Opportunities to better your business or to be more productive can emerge in the weeks ahead. A focus on money, talents, and resources is a helpful one. Getting a handle on your practical affairs can be empowering. It’s an excellent time for learning new things about how to manage your money or develop your talents.


The New Moon occurs in your sign today, dear Virgo, giving you a strong sense of a new beginning. With this lunation, you receive a blast of energy that you can harness to bring about needed changes in your life, and especially in your personality, manner, appearance, and image. Something may need to go for you to move forward with less baggage and more confidence. In the weeks ahead, you are likely to make changes that reflect or alter your personal needs, plans, and manner. Your desires are changing in critical and sometimes surprising ways, and you may be in the mood for some form of a makeover, which is not necessarily physical. Others tend to follow your lead, or they step aside and allow you to do whatever it is you want to do. There may be job offers and opportunities or gifts and bonuses. Timing is right, and instincts are sharp. You are in an excellent position to learn something valuable and empowering. You have a commanding presence right now, and your ideas are real gems.


Today’s New Moon brings take-charge energy for dealing with matters of the past, dear Libra. This is one of the most spiritual periods of the year with this lunation occurring in your solar twelfth house and a host of planets in the same sector. While it’s a cycle that happens yearly, it’s likely to be more pronounced this time around due to the unusual focus on this sector of your solar chart. The twelfth house rules the endings of matters, as well as a deeper level of understanding. It’s a time when you may recognize the limitations of certain past efforts, and ideally come to an understanding of what to eliminate and what to take with you as you go forward. You may be reflective during this period, which is quite natural. Listen attentively to your intuition and your dreams. You’re in excellent shape for sizing up situations and seeing the rhyme and reason behind what you used to feel were odd behaviors of others in your life. You might reason through ongoing problems or issues from your past that keep re-emerging in your consciousness when you least expect them. You can gain a stronger sense of being in control of your life as you work out why things have happened and especially why they’re still relevant to you. Good energy is with you for resolving problems and for self-understanding.


With today’s New Moon in your solar eleventh house, dear Scorpio, this a time for feeling personally hopeful and emotionally satisfied. Friendships might form or revitalize. It’s a time for doing something that frees your spirit. Teamwork or group and networking activities can lead to exciting opportunities, including a new friendship or even partnership. You’re in great shape for connecting with people who inspire you or who you inspire in the weeks ahead. Love and friendship can bring pleasant surprises. This lunation brings take-charge energy that you can put into your friendships, involvements with groups or teams, as well as inspiration for new ideas and goals. You might see someone in a new light. Helping others can be rewarding. Today is potentially excellent for enjoying supportive, helpful conversations with friends or about long-term goals. Teaming up with others can be empowering.


The New Moon today brings your professional life into high focus for the coming weeks, dear Sagittarius. It can also push you into the limelight in some way. It’s hard to get away with very much at this time in your life! Be aware of the impact you have on others, as it is strong, but don’t be afraid to do your own thing. Career goals could be moving towards more creative and artistic channels, or you’re bringing more creativity or dynamism to what you do. Your ambition is stimulated, and you may learn new information that gives you an edge over your competitors, or that moves you forward in satisfying ways. There can be feelings stimulated now that motivate you to pursue your goals more passionately. Inspiration comes suddenly, and you could pick up new–and possibly radically different–interests or goals. You want motivation and stimulation now, and if you find either, your work can be extraordinarily inventive.


Today’s New Moon supplies you with take-charge energy for setting plans into motion for new experiences, adventures, and a stronger understanding of your life’s purpose, dear Capricorn. Routines are good for you, but you are now encouraged to more frequently step outside of the usual space to feed your spirit for life experience. It’s quite natural to let go of recent frustrations and pressures, and to move forward at this time. Others appreciate your vigor, and you receive a warm reception. There is particular emphasis on activities that break you out of the usual routine and allow you to feel connected with life and spirit in the weeks ahead. You are bound to feel refreshed and open to learning, and the courage to pursue your dreams is with you. The key to a stronger feeling of empowerment seems to be seeking ways to expand your knowledge. Try not to rush the learning process –take advantage of your increased ability to absorb and learn.


A New Moon occurs today, stirring up strong desires, dear Aquarius. In the weeks ahead, you’re likely to see the value in more creative relating patterns with others, and it’s an excellent time to take charge of your finances. If you need some support, it’s easier to find in the weeks ahead, or if you feel a little too indebted or dependent, you’ll take steps to change things. This is a time for being brave and honest with yourself, and perhaps some excitement and courage with a particular person. If you’ve been in an emotional rut, it’s a time for pulling yourself out of it. There can be a freeing feeling now as you rid yourself of limiting attitudes. You’ll gain powerful insight into those things in your life in need of reform, and you’re focused on fixing things from the inside out. Excellent energy is with you for reasoning through a financial or complicated emotional matter. Today, however, you may want to watch for a tendency to want the last word at all costs!


You’re in an excellent position to attract or repair a relationship in the weeks ahead, dear Pisces, or to boost someone’s faith in you. Draw upon your creative power and use it to make essential changes in the ways you relate to others. You’re now beginning anew. Attitudes that no longer serve you well need to go for you to take advantage of this opportunity to move forward in the relationship department. Today’s New Moon brings a strong focus on partnerships. Unusual attractions and circumstances may be part of the picture. The desire or need to cooperate and merge with others is compelling right now. A new attitude or renewed courage to make something happen can figure strongly. There is a real desire for peace-making, and you feel a little more personally powerful if you get a handle on your relationships. Your negotiation skills are excellent. The weeks ahead are fantastic for improving your ability to relate to others, especially on a one-to-one basis.


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