THE LAW OF MYSTIC MICROBE: Poem by Dr. K. Sarojadevi

The mankind of the Earth
Undergoes a crusade of bio- wars
The Mystic Microbe
Trembles the globe with its pangs
The survival of the habitat
Is crushed under the shackles of Viruses
The vested interests of the fellow-men
Assault the lives of the victims
Crumble the mere existence of the Planet
Professions have been digitalized
Transactions have been mechanised
Services have been commercialized
Customs have been prohibited
Relationships have been shattered
Emotions have been balanced
Lives have been paralyzed
The Panorama of life has been dehumanised

Dr. K. Sarojadevi

About the Poet

The author of the poem is Dr. K. Sarojadevi, a Professor of English from Andhra Pradesh. Besides being a poet, she is a content writer, columnist, editor, translator, academician and research supervisor. She presented and published research papers at national and international conferences and journals. She authored two books entitled Ethical intimations in the select Inter-war American Fiction and Vocabulary for Verbal Ability. She is serving Research India Foundation as an executive board member of Research India Resource Support Centre.