Haunted by media and people in the country for one among the major reasons for Congress’ pathetic fall, it was Kerala that brings a ray of hope to Rahul Gandhi. However, unlike national media, it seems prestitutes in Kerala are into adorning him with a heroic image. Thanks to the floods, the ill-fated former Congress president appeared like that of a saviour who unsparingly donated to the people. End of just a couple of months, the media managed to successfully promote Rahul Gandhi as the future Prime Minister of ‘the Union of Kerala’ that has all its qualifications to become another Kashmir of India.

As Sonia Gandhi began work as the Congress’s interim president, perhaps to take to plunge further deep into its fall, her son Rahul Gandhi, the MP from Kerala’s Wayanad, has opened in Kalpetta and Mukkam in Malappuram district. The pathetic plummet in Amethi might have taught him lessons that he would never forget in his political career, he seems more active in his constituency. However, it seems he repeats the history of false promises to the people ‘for renovating the state’ and to make the collapsing landscapes of Wayanad another paradise on earth.

People are awaiting the end of the tenure of the fascist government of LDF led by one of the most hated chief ministers Pinarayi Vijayan in 2 years. Considering the history of Kerala, and especially because the BJP couldn’t make a significant impact on the state amidst the ‘golden opportunities’ the next chance goes to the congress. Let it be even a local committee election in Kerala Pradesh Congress turns a mess where there are alphabets from A to Z to represent various groups. In such situations, it would be a great decision if Rahul Gandhi could be the ‘Prime Minister’ of Kerala.

The decision could be wise for the workers of Congress for the ‘legendary’ Rahul is darling for two of his important background – as a son of a lady from the country of Pope Francis and the grandson of a man who generously divided the nation for Islamic fundamentalists. Considering the political situation and the facts that most of the family members are out on bail, it would be wise for the Gandhi family to settle in Kerala. It is sure that they would get the highest protection from national agencies and if ever they manage to surpass the judicial system of the country, there are always the goons of the supporting LDF to prevent such attempts physically.

Perhaps INC can lead a freedom fight in Kerala to ‘release’ the state from the iron fists of one of the most powerful leaders the world has ever seen – the legendary Narendra Damodardas Modi!