Terrorists tighten their grip on Kerala, NIA to arrive for detailed probe in Pathanapuram bomb finding incident

Indicating that the state is further under the grip of Islamic terrorists, another incident has been reported from Kerala’s Pathanapuram in a cashew plantation which is under the forest department. A team from the Central Anti-Terrorism Investigation Agency (NIA) will inspect the area today, said reports. Police and ATS will join the investigation.

The Tamil Nadu Q branch had also conducted an investigation in the area two months ago. It was found that the terrorists had been living in the area and had conducted sports training and bomb-making training. High explosive detonators and gelatin sticks were found here.

After Kashmir, the state is witnessing a massive surge in the number of terrorist related incidents and is under the radar of central investigating agencies. However, due the majority of Muslim population, the state is believed to be a safe haven for Islamic terrorists.