Religious terrorist outfits tightening their grip on Kerala Police; 2 policemen who leaked information to Popular Front in BJP activist’s attempt to murder case found guilty

Reports indicate that religious terrorist outfits are tightening their grip on Kerala police force too. Two policemen who leaked information to the Popular Front leaders in the case of the attempted murder of a BJP activist have been transferred to the Malappuram MSP camp, revealed sources.

On October 12, 2019, an assassination attempt was made on KK Shaji, a BJP activist and vice chairman of the Eliyara Hill Protection Committee. The goons hired Shaji’s autorickshaw and on the way brutally attacked. The action is against the police officers who leaked the details of the investigation in this case.

A preliminary report has been submitted to Intelligence Officer TK Vinod against the Assistant Sub-Inspector from Kozhikode Velliparamba and the Civil Police Officer from Chathamangalam. As per reports, the officials leaked information to the Popular Front leaders when they knew that the investigation is leading towards them.

Later, Police had arrested Abdullah and Abdul Aziz, two SDPI activists in connection with the murder case, however, the second accused in the case had absconded on bail. The investigation team came to know about their terrorist organization after leaking the phone conversations of the police officers.

Earlier, it was reported that a group called the Green Light was operating in the police force.