Prayer in Kendriya Vidyalayas is latest target of Hindu baiters

The Supreme Court has sought Centre’s response on a petition, seeking discontinuation of ‘Hindu religion-based prayer’ sung by students of 1,125 Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country. According to the petition filed by an advocate Veenayaka Shah, whose children had been students of one of the Kendriya Vidyalayas, it was a religious instruction which will create a “lot of obstacles in developing a scientific temperament among the students”. It also mentioned that as a result of these prayers, “students develop an inclination towards seeking refuge from Almighty instead of developing a practical outcome towards the obstacles and hurdles faced in everyday life and spirit of enquiry and reform seems to be lost somewhere”. The petition insisted that a school or any educational institution funded by state cannot propagate any particular religion. Before we go ahead to discuss the ludicrous nature of the petition, it is very important to state here which prayers were considered ‘harmful’ to scientific temperament…

For the information of the readers, the first prayer is in Sanskrit and it is taken from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. The second part is in Hindi. The third part is also in Sanskrit and is a Shanti Mantra recited by both, the teacher and the student, before any knowledge is imparted. And the meaning of the third prayer is “May He protect both of us. May He nourish both of us. May we both acquire the capacity (to study and understand the scriptures). May our study be brilliant. May we not argue with each other. Ohm peace, peace, peace.”

Does the prayer actually say “May we not argue with each other”? I think this is the basic problem that the petitioner had. Looking at the scene in Bharat today, it seems that there is a huge force of people who are determined to erase our glorious past and its memories from our mind, nay, our combined consciousness of this country. They are definitely at war with those Hindus who are today determined to protect this heritage of our ancestors who were so refined and scientific in their thinking that thousands of years ago itself they had discovered more about this universe than all the modern scientists put together. That is precisely why so many Westerners are working so hard to decipher our ancient texts, learning more about them and teaching them to young minds. But this obnoxious force in Bharat which wants to obliterate our past and make us feel ashamed of it, are always wanting to put forward senseless arguments and mouth obscenities at the Hindus who refuse to feel ashamed of our scriptures. That is why they cannot tolerate this simple prayer which instils in us the spirit of enquiry and togetherness in growth.

And obviously according to distorted minds, the first prayer taught to young minds is a real disaster in the making, because if every young mind got illumined, who would be like lambs led to the slaughter? It is well-known that today there is a world-wide phenomenon to brainwash youths into doing what is suggested to them by politicians, unscrupulous religious heads, multi-nationals, pharmaceuticals, TV channels, media, etc. instead of actually using their mind to read between the lines and in a spirit of being aware, avoid all this brainwashing.

But this is not the only surprising part. When I did a random search on Google for figuring out which Upanishad the first prayer was from, I got the shock of my life. This is what I saw:

Imagine, sitting in Bharat, the home of the Vedas and Upanishads, I find that the verse, the prayer from the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is attributed to Jesus! Out of the first six searches, four go to some site which preaches about Jesus! Unbelievable!

Hindus, please wake up from your slumber! If this generation does not do anything about protecting Hinduism, protecting Bharat, we will be a race which has no country. Today, I say with pride that ours is the only civilization which has survived the ravages of time and Abrahamic cults. But the sacrifice of all those who protected our culture, our heritage, our scriptures, our religion, in the past will go in vain if we do not protect these for our future generations. I do know that every effort will be made by vested people to link this plea to ‘violent Hindutva’ agenda … but the fact is that the assault on our Sanatan Dharma is very vicious and aggressive. We are not the violent ones, but the aggressors are; they are very devious too. Using of legal processes and loopholes to destroy us, whether it what water should be used for Abhisheka, restriction on number of pilgrims, sale of temple lands, restrictions on restoration of monuments and religious places … the list is endless. Wake …Protect what is ours … Protection of Dharma has to be done by us only – no one else will come to help us.

(To be continued)


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