MY FELLOWSHIP: Poem by Meera Vineeth Kodakadath

Painting: Forest Road by Joel Olives (Courtesy: Fine Arts America)

When a way looks like a blank verse,
And unpredictability wrapping all the steps,
The boon of friendship directs with prudence
That no other will can break or tear.
The purpose it shows
Like a saviour from above.
Glad that the reason you was adorned
In ever replenishing love and care.
Do not sulk, you say,
As there is yet more to conquer on the way!!!

The miniscule of time,
Brought me a gift like you
Never thought but thought unknowingly
Grabbed your hands.
No descriptions required,
It’s a force that drives you away from tears
And death,
As You seem to sing my lore
to keep my spirits,
My likes and dislikes,
My want for hands, sometimes daring,
Showering me the blessings of time.

When all else is bleak and unfair
Those tender hands and wishes,
Kindled my way like thousand stars,
That visits you on the way.
I go,
Do not know what could be the best to return.
Come with the brightness of those thousand stars, they say.

Now, sky does not pour a teardrop
But droplets of blessings,
That dance on my feet
Just like the numbers I wished to dance
Revolving around the elliptical world.

Poem by Meera Vineeth Kodakadath

Poet Meera Vineeth