Lapse in consideration of cases, relationship with political leader; Serious Allegations Against Resigned Madras Chief Justice

Lapse in consideration of cases, relationship with political leader; Serious Offences Against Resigned Madras Chief Justice

New Delhi: Following the president accepting the resignation of Madras Chief Justice Vijaya Tahilramani, the findings of the collegium that resulted in the resignation of the CJ has been revealed by media. In a report published in India Today, 4 major reasons are pointed out which indicate grave negligence of the former Madras CJ.

According to the Collegium report. Here they are:

1. Tahilramani spent only a few hours hearing the cases. She preferred not to hear cases afternoon. It also influenced the performance of other judges too.

2. She had a connection with a ruling political party leader which questions the integrity of the judicial system. This is also one among the chief reasons for her transfer.

3. Tahilramani unanimously dissolved a bench constituted by Indira Banerjee to probe idol theft cases in the state which the Collegium finds is a serious shortcoming.

4. Collegium points out that Vijaya Tahilramani has bought two apartments in Chennai which she failed to disclose among her assets.

On September 12, the Supreme Court’s Secretary-General issued a press release stating that the reasons for the transfer of Vijaya Tahilramani could be released if necessary. Official documents have not yet been released.

Tahilramani’s resignation has been accepted with effect from September 6, a government notification said on Friday. Justice V Kothari has been appointed as the acting chief justice of the Madras High Court, another notification said.


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