Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan To Release Parvathy Ramachandran’s Debut Anthology ‘The Late Night Lantern’ Tomorrow

A much-awaited moment, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Wednesday will release poetess Parvathy Ramachandran’s debut book titled ‘The Late Night Lantern’ an anthology of poetry, at Raj Bhavan in the state capital. Due to COVID-19 protocol, the number of people attending the function would be limited.

The Late Night Lantern, published by Indus Scrolls Press is the latest among the series of books intended to introduce new writers with exceptional calibre into the mainstream. Within the very few months since its inception, the publication has managed to publish a few books that drew attention internationally.

Apart from these anthologies, the publication also launched books like Hindutva For The Changing Times by J Nandakumar that discussed the core issues that India facing today. The book was warmly welcomed by readers across the world, while it is being translated to various Indian languages.

The Late Night Lantern, by Parvathy Ramachandran, features poems that are inspired by the kaleidoscopic vision of the poetess on various objects around her. In the foreword, acclaimed Greek author and critic Prof. Katerina Kaumlidau said that the poems in the anthology transform ordinary vision into poetry of profound experience that a reader would feel throbbing within.

The book is will be made available in various online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart soon after its launching at Raj Bhavan tomorrow.