Kerala Gold Smuggling: Interpol seeks more details regarding religious links

Interpol has asked for more details in connection with the repatriation of Faisal Fareed, one of the chief conspirators in the gold smuggling case, to India.

Interpol will make sure that there are no religious links to it apart from gold smuggling and terrorist connections. Only after this Faisal Fareed will be brought to India and he is currently under the custody of Dubai police.

Faisal was arrested by Dubai police after Interpol issued a blue corner notice based on the demand from India. It was NIA that approached Interpol via the Union Home ministry. As a result, a blue corner notice was issued against him and Dubai police took him into custody. Although it was expected that he would be handed over to India immediately, his repatriation is getting delayed.

Faisal’ s arrest is very much important to take the investigation forward and to bring out more Dubai links in connection with the case. NIA and customs department had informed these details to the central government.

Interpol’ s action has come after India began to exert more pressure regarding Faisal Fareed’s repatriation. India will have to assure that Faisal’s repatriation is only related to the gold smuggling case and he will not be harassed as he belongs to the minority community.

Investigating officers have been informed that the people who invested in gold smuggling activities have been rewarded with land and cash in Kerala.

Currently, the officers have identified 4 more people living in Dubai who are connected to this case. Efforts are being made to repatriate them to India along with Faisal and Rabins. Customs department has decided to file a special application regarding this to the home ministry.