Kashmiri Pandits: Introspective journey from 1947 to 1989-90

‘Kashmiri-Pandit’ is the term that was coined by Kashmiri Muslims for all Kashmiri Pandits and remaining Kashmiri Hindus (majority of non-Pandit KHs had converted to Islam harassed by the casteism/discriminatory ‘untouchablity’ practised by KPs towards them by appropriating Sanatana Dharma for themselves) out of sheer contemptuous sarcasm disregarding the magnitude of  ‘affection’ that KPs had in their bosom for them since time immemorial, flames of which have been still smouldering in scores of KP hearts in spite of Hindu-Holocausts that they had to undergo in 1947, revisited in 1989. Quite paradoxically as well as ironically, Hindu Holocaust-1947 was enacted when a so-called ‘Kashmiri Pandit’ was Prime Minister while Hindu Holocaust-1989 when a Kashmiri Muslim was Union Home Minister. Muslim Home Minister that the nation suffered so far from. Given the surgical precision and promptitude with which he acted while Prime Minister VP Singh looked the other way donning his Mirza cap, it was more than obvious, he had been impatiently waiting in his wings to ‘teach’ KPs a lesson of their lifetime to be deliberated on for decades to come, expecting them to accept all that meekly in the ‘holy’ spirit of ‘Kashmiriat’.

Hindu-Holocaust of 1947 had been a terrible experience for Kashmir as they were bang at the entry/exit point of the country to undergo inhuman brutalities perpetrated by Muslims. Almost immediately after that, Jinnah’s army had invaded to capture Kashmir while JL Nehru in cahoots with a Jehadi bigot Shaikh Abdullah, was busy creating hurdles in retaliatory military actions. In fact, Kashmiri Hindus had been undergoing serial invasions and tragedies for hundreds of years prior to ‘India wakes up at midnight to freedom-1947’ drama enacted by JL Nehru in Parliament. Now burning questions arise, after tragic experience of Hindu-Holocaust of 1947, how many KPs bought firearms, did rigorous target-practice on picture of a Paki-invader or learned Judo/Karate etc. to protect themselves? How many KP women learned to operate firearms in a bid to protect their honour in a border State when they knew very well, in every case they have been / are always the first target of brutalities inflicted by Muslim marauders ? Is there a single, I repeat, a single KP woman who can stand up and claim, ‘I shot dead that Muslim beast who intruded into my home to rape me’ ? Why were KPs and Kashmiri women so casual, so indifferent about their personal security and honour after undergoing Hindu-Holocaust of 1947, every brutality of which is spine-chilling to say the least ? From 1947 to 1989-90 was a period long enough to ponder over the monumental tragedy, devise ways and means to protect themselves and prevent tragic history revisiting them as a rude shock. No excuses can be acceptable to even an iota of sanity. Instead, they revelled in their ancient glory of philosophy, poetics, dance, drama, painting, architecture, sculpture, music etc. as if had they narrated details of those coruscating gems of glory before those Jehadis, they would have quietly buzzed off acutely embarrassed and Kashmir Hindu Holocaust-1989 would not have occurred at all !!! They didn’t care to recall how a mortified Arjuna was inspired by Vasudeva Shri Krshna to pick up his Gandiva and slay Adharmi Kaurava-s. I am still not aware of even a single word of bravery being uttered by them even now what to speak of the crux of Bhagvadgita. Had they adopted those preventive / protective measures during 1947-89 period instead of the cowardice of ‘Ahimsa’, Kashmir-Ghati would have become another Haldi-Ghati in 1989-90 and the world would have stood up to remember too many Veerangana-s of Kashmir thereafter.

Hindus in Jammu region viz. Dogras, etc., were land owners of large swathes of land including apple orchards, employed Muslims, mostly illiterate as agri-labourers. Is it not true that KPs lobbied with S. Abdullah, pressurised him to introduce land reform laws that enabled those Muslim labourers to become owners of the same land / orchards wherein they toiled as labourers, snatching away entire land ownership from Hindu-s of Jammu? Thus, defenceless/landless Dogras were pitted against not one but a large army of Jaichands in KPs. Did KPs resist ferociously when those Muslim labourers turned land-owners started stalking / molesting KP women while discouraging them from interacting with non-Pandit Kashmiri Hindus? Is it not true that KPs never really treated the warrior class of Dogra-s respectfully, always treated them inferior, arrogantly and snobbishly ? As teeth, claws and nails of the warrior class of Dogra-s were snatched away from them, they were unable to defend KPs when Jehadi beasts raided them in 1989. Who owns major chunk of blame and responsibility in this entire sordid saga ? All this happened and continued happening repeatedly during 42 years falling between 1947 to 1989-90.

Is it not true that KPs egged upon King Hari Singh / Shaikh Abdullah to impose Articles 370 followed by ‘Article 35A’ with the sole intention of preventing non-Kashmiri brown/dark brown Hindu-s and Brahmana-s entering into Kashmir, settling down there eventually? Did they perceive some sort of threat to their Brahmanical hegemony from Melanin-tainted non-Kashmiri Hindu-s from rest of the country ? Is it not true, KPs always resided behind a high firewall of egoic arrogance separating them from other brown and dark-brown Hindu-s of inferior DNA? So pitifully have they been compelled to jump over the wall and interact with lesser mortals, pigmented brown and dark-brown Hindu-s by the destiny ultimately. Not only is it my personal experience but also shared by so many people I have come across on the issue. Param Brahmatma is mercilessly cruel when He has to deal with Ahamkara in anyone, community or country. Shuffle through pages of history (correct version indeed) and you come across scores of such history narratives. It is so ironical albeit tragic that those same Constitutional Articles immensely contributed to their forced expulsion from Kashmir. We precisely reap what precisely we sow. It is yet another tale of irony that KPs scorned, disliked Melanin-tainted Hindu-s from rest of the country, stalled their entry into Kashmir yet same Melanin-tainted Hindu-s warmly welcomed them into the country when they were forcibly thrown out by Muslim-Jehadis in 1989-90.

Why do KPs still address JL Nehru as a Kashmiri Pandit when so many sources have revealed otherwise and the ‘Royal Dynasty’ of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra, their Party have never denied it vehemently with evidence? Will anyone believe that all those high-nosed bureaucrats carrying surnames like Kauls/Dhars/Shakdhars who worked with them for decades, were unaware of it and continued supporting them in all their anti-Kashmiri Hindu/anti-national activities/decisions innocently ? Were not those KPs equally responsible for incalculable harm that they inflicted on KPs and J&K?

Is it not true that some two to three lakh Kashmiri Muslims desired to revert to Sanatana Dharma, had even approached the then King Hari Singh too but were rebuffed by self-glorified ‘contractors’ of Sanatana Dharma of those decades? Who was responsible for conversion of Tibetan King Rinchan into Sultan Sadruddin Shah and his Prime Minister Ramchandra alongwith thousands of Kashmiri Hindu-s to Islam after they were all rebuffed by KPs who declared them to be Mlecchas? Interestingly, Ramchandra’s son was Ravanachandra who became real Ravana after conversion to Islam. KPs thus, were responsible for raising tormentors for themselves transcending centuries.

Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray was gracious enough to ensure reservation for KPs in educational institutions / jobs. Instead of deriving maximum advantage of the provision to ameliorate their destiny, KPs lobbied and pressurised Governments in Maharashtra and NDA-I headed by PM Vajpayee to enable that for all Kashmiris and not merely for Kashmiri-Pandits. Consequently, all these reservations were grabbed by Kashmiri-Muslims edging out KPs, KMs were then privileged with two scholarships i.e. from the State of J&K as well as Centre. How can an entire community be so myopic on such a horrifying scale ? That too, after undergoing atrocious brutalities perpetrated upon them by them ? Just two representative instances should suffice to drive home extent of barbarity of inhuman crimes perpetrated by Kashmiri Muslims upon KPs and the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ that KPs nurtured till date. KMs slaughtered one KP, stuffed his corpse in family’s rice-drum, then ordered his wife to cook and eat that rice soaked with her husband’s blood. In another instance a ‘proud secular’ Kashmiri Pandit PL Tikoo ardently supported Articles 370 / 35A and always argued in favour of complete autonomy for Kashmir as an ally of Shamim Ahmad, MP. During KP-Holocaust of 1989-90, his son was brutally murdered by Islamists and his house burnt to ashes. Will KPs ever surmount the soft corner for KMs that they still sustain and nourish in their hearts in the name of Kashmiriyat? Will they not be a grave national security hazard if re-settled in J&K owing to their ‘infinite’ love for their tormentors in the name of Kashmiriyat, fondly remembered by KPs as their childhood friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. even now? Some of them even claim, those Muslim brutes were not that bad at all !! Will they not become sitting-ducks again like in 1989-90 inviting yet another round of fierce blood-bath and serial gang-rapes? Is it their Stockhom Syndrome or highly deplorable ‘Kashmiri-Pandit Syndrome’ after all?

Do KPs have soft-corner for RSS/BJP/Bajrang Dal? I am myself yet to come across any vocal, vehement support for these nationalist organisations, now life-line of this nation. It is only after being inhumanly brutalised by Jihadi-Muslims that they started remembering, then voting for BJP in elections. They have not yet vehemently supported essential laws like CAA and proposed NPR/NRC etc. with no demonstrations in sight. So is true with Bengali and Malayali Hindu-s too, so unfortunately eager to be ejected of their respective States refusing to learn right lessons from KPs what to speak of history of Mughal era. Is that blissful denial of traumatic history intrinsic to Hindu DNA, unlike with Jews? These are wide spectrum of introspective questions that KPs must mull over, adopt remedial measures to ensure, no more Hindu-Holocausts in future.

If any of my comments/questions have hurt any Kashmiri-Pandit, so be that. No regrets, no apologies. That’s precisely the intention behind those comments and questions. If this article succeeds in opening Third-Eye of all Kashmiri-Pandits, I shall then gladly accept any quantum of hostility for being so ruthless in my comments and questions.