Ivanka lauds Jyoti Kumari who took her father to Bihar on bicycle

US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has lauded the efforts of the 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari who took her injured father to home in Bihar’s Darbhanga — 1,200 km from Gurugram, on a bicycle during the lockdown. Jyoti Kumari’s feat was covered by foreign media.

In a tweet, Ivanka stated: “15 yr old Jyoti Kumari, carried her wounded father to their home village on the back of her bicycle covering +1,200 km over 7 days. This beautiful feat of endurance & love has captured the imagination of the Indian people and the cycling federation!”

Jyoti and her father lived in Gurugram in Haryana. Her father Mohan Paswan was injured in an accident during the lockdown, leaving him unable to go home. Following this, on May 10, Jyoti left along with her father from Gurugram on a bicycle for Darbhanga. She arrived home on May 16.

People were stunned to learn about the plight, as well as courage displayed by Jyoti. Even Ivanka Trump was impressed and went on to share the news related to Jyoti.


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