In Modi, we trust: India

There have been several also-rans and passers-by in desi politics.Those prior to the independence of India as a sovereign nation, have all been dubbed as freedom-fighters.Few who revolted with arms and acts of bravado are still remembered as martyrs and few like Mahatma Gandhi are worshipped with blind reverence. All those millions who donated their holdings and wealth have gone into the anonymity of a passing reference such as ‘burning of foreign textiles‘or the Dandi Salt March. Social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar or Swamy Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda are fondly recalled on their select anniversary dates. But, the vast multitudes of patriotic sons of the soil who formed the soul of the Satyagraha Movement are unsung and remain unheard of!

The ‘Poorna Swaraj‘ was a battle-cry of all those who sought self-rule having felt the brunt of oppression and beastly suppression by the foreign invaders over several decades. In hindsight, this appears to be the biggest blunder of all our bunches of the then ‘founding fathers’ who did not apply foresight to agree to be a part of the Commonwealth and let the Queen of England continue to reign from offshore.

Imagine that India! The scenario then would have been wholly different from what it is in this day and century! There would have been no hegemony and the infamous ‘divide and rule’ policy which got perpetuated across diplomacy, trade, commerce and all other fronts would have got dissipated over the necessity of that monarch to win over her food-supplying ‘subjects’! Free movement between India and all Commonwealth countries would have resulted in a peaceful and prosperous Indian sub-continent.

Big brother China would not have got antagonized by India sheltering Tibet’s Lord – the Dalai Lama to stretch a midget land like Pakistan into a formidable rogue-state from where terror stalks the world.

The ‘Congress-policies’ of India would not be adopted or let to be perpetuated by non-Congressi Governments! All in all, the historical follies could continue to haunt India of our times.

As the Phoenix, a man rose to become a darling – leader of the masses. Just as Indira Gandhi had emerged in the wake of a Congress party that lost its colossal giant of a leader – Jawaharlal Nehru. This is Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi. He has reflected the aspirations of a woebegone nation which was being ruled by proxy by a foreigner-bahu and riddled by scam after scam and a public outcry at few pockets of power picketing the Constitution, so to speak.

But, Modi isn’t a Congressman. Nor does he hail from the urbane wine-sipping crowd of Lutyen’s Delhi, where two-timing is the name of the game – be it for third-rate journalists that court awards by dubious means or to the thoroughly substandard babulog and the political animals that walk the corridors of power.

Modi rightly restored the dignity of the Indian nationals outside this land. He has enabled a series of pragmatic programs aimed at the development of a lot of the common man of the streets to the working class as well as the labouring class of industrialists. The streets and environment are sought to be kept clean and environment-pollution has been identified as the ‘villain number one’ for the negation of all good health care programs and welfare measures initiated by the Government. All in all, a safer world of self-respect and dignity for people hailing from different backgrounds and walks of life.

It has been a momentous four-year rule so far marked with an opposition noted for its missing numbers in the Houses of Parliament. And, it is in this frustrating backdrop of state of the nation that the losers of the last general elections, as well as other detractors, have begun to operate and implement a most vicious and sinister campaign from foreign shores and with websites linked to shady foreign companies, to invoke and spread fear and violence in the guise of the admittedly anachronistic caste-religion reservation bogey. Even as known foes of Indian nation are crossing swords at the borders, we are faced with a ‘thief in the house’ scenario, which is more disgusting as well as depressing to say in the least.

Modi is the dachshund to keep the videshi-wolves at bay and he definitely is the man-God all ‘bhakts’ trust. He is avowedly the ‘pratham sewak‘ of all countrymen. To save the nation and help restructure the de-railed systems of governance!
Patriotism-Nationalism-Unification of the voting masses is the need of the hour.For, both the present as well as the golden future of India, where a uniform civil code can be ushered in; personal taxation monster can be driven away and the mobsters who infiltrated seats of power may be shown their rightful place in prisons.

In God we trust! And, Modi, we all believe is a godsend leader out to fulfil the ‘deliverance-from-evil’ promise. Eventually, Lord Sri Rama shall but reside in the heart of every happy citizen of India. So hope every Indian patriot, believes in Modi, fervently and for all the reasons cited above. It is the need of the hour to rally around right-thinking Prime Minister than succumb to the witchcraft of the fallen wooden political horse of Troy!