Dr Karan Singh and his extra-ordinary ‘pearls of sanatan wisdom’

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Dr Karan Singh addresses the media as party leaders (L-R) Anand Sharma, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ambika Soni and P Chidambaram look on, in New Delhi, Saturday, Aug 3, 2019. (PTI Photo/Kamal Kishore) (PTI8_3_2019_000156B)

Dr. Karan Singh, ex-Chakravarty Samraat of J&K, authored an article under Speaking Tree column of New Delhi edition of the Times of India dated Nov. 27, 2019 on the issue of appointment of a Muslim Professor by Samskrit Department of BHU. Quite expectedly, he pontificated on lofty ideals of Sanatana Dharma and preached Hindus to be ‘broad-minded’, as much ‘accommodative’ as possible following beaten tracks of MK Gandhi which delayed freedom by almost 25 years and led to a massive pogrom of lakhs across the border when finally achieved in 1947.

In spite of being a ‘scholar’ of Sanatana Dharma, Dr. Karan Singh chose to preach cowardice to Hindus even after millions of gallons of stinking polluted water have flown down the river of dubious Ganga-Yamuna ‘Tahzeeb’, even after Muslims have done every possible bit to derogate Hinduism, antagonise Hindus and what not. Coming to his favourite evocations preaching Vedic ideals to Hindus, de-throned ‘Samraat’ with his Privy-Purse snatched away by PM Indira Gandhi, must know that Vedic ideals are universal, not restricted to Hindus alone. Those ideals are meant to be pursued by all, reciprocated by all. How can Hindus go on and on practicing universal Vedic ideals when non-Hindus are bent upon practising polio-stunted monotheistic faiths when they interact with Hindus, determined to destroy Hinduism by outnumbering them, capture the nation, enslave all Hindus and grab their entire wealth?

Pursuit of Sanatana Vedic ideals can never be a one-way traffic. It has to be mutual and multi-tual too !! This contentious issue was explicitly settled by Vasudeva Shri Krshna while responding to queries raised by Bhishma Pitamaha lying on his arrow-bed, an intellectually stunted veteran who had his own customised definition of Dharma and watched mutely daughter-in-law of the clan being disrobed in a fully attended Royal Court. He had no brains and guts to order mentally stunted and ophthalmologically blind King Dhratrashtra to stop all that perversity. Dhratrashtra and Gandhari, mentally and physically blinded couple, wanted Draupadi/Pandavas to be more and more accommodative, accept entire gamut of the Royal perversity with a pinch of chilli and pepper. And just go away like that in the spirit of Gandhian Ahimsa. What was the outcome? A fierce war and terrible blood-bath broke out which wiped away a major chunk of human population of those times.

Learned Chakravorty-Darbari of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty has been so obsessed with his aristocratic royal lineage that he had presumed and assumed his fundamental right to adorn Rashtrapati Bhavan for five years at least if not life-long. When the nation was searching for 12th President in 2007, he declared himself ‘the best available candidate’ in the country so naturally that it stunned the nation. However, in spite of his intense lobbying with Communists, he lost the race to Pratibha Patil. He had even dissociated himself with Virat Hindu Sammelan which he had headed for long and brazenly declared himself ‘Secular’ before Leftist bigots, Raja and Karat. In 1989, he delivered a derogatory comment (petty Raja of a small riyasat) on Prime Minister VP Singh when he was sacked from the position of our Envoy to Washington DC and substituted by a dynamic personality, ex-Commerce Secretary Abid Hussein. Quite interestingly, he has several striking similarities with the Mahabharata character of Karan whose name he bears.

How can a highly educated man Dr. Karan Singh be so outrageously stupid and moronic ? I only hope and wish, this life-long Darbari of Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra Dynasty reads Mahabharata carefully. If he too is intellectually stunted like Bhishma Pitamaha, incapable of understanding intense mysticism of Sanatana Dharma, better he should keep his mouth tightly shut and his laptop in a shutdown mode forever.

If ever I happen to meet Vasudeva Sri Krshna in my lifetime, my first question would be, “Why didn’t you inspire / instruct Arjuna to slay Dhratrashtra first even if he was not in the battlefield of Kuruksetra because he happened to be the root-cause of entire Mahabharata?”

I shall certainly share His response with you all, whatsoever that may be.