Daily horoscope: What is in store for you, today (May 16)


Aries, watch your steps. Give sufficient thought to what you do. However, it is a good for business deals. Make your position clear in all deals.


Taurus, you may feel monotonous today. A kind of weariness will set in. You feel the progress of the task you took up are stuck. Such phases happen in life. Meditation is a good option for you.


Gemini, things may not be going the way you want. But slowly though you must soldier on. You must give full attention to your work. Stars are beneficial positions. So don’t worry. Good day for poor feeding. Remember that this is the most pious thing in life.


Cancer, you feel providence has given you everything. Today you are lucky. Everything will fall into place itself without you even moving a finger. Try not to let this get to your head and don’t get too comfortable with it. However, do enjoy your lucky day as the stars are aligned in your favour today. You will get a lot of attention from your friends.


Leo, you’re going to meet new people who will be of help to you professionally. You don’t have to open all your cards. It’s always good to make new friends and experience new things.


Virgo, you have to be cautious today. Trust your intuitive powers. You might feel like something is going wrong somewhere, and if you do get that feeling then take a step forward and try to get to the bottom of things. You’re going to end up being right about everything today.


Libra, you are at peace as your finances are in better shape today. Good day to start investments. Soon you will find that they will give you returns. Take a long-term perspective. Take care of health.


You have several plans with regard to professional and personal life. You have been reluctant to start some tasks as you were not clear about the outcome. Ignore the fears and act according to your intuition. Recite “Om namah Shivaya” 101 times. If you don’t get time, do it while taking bath. Your intuition will become brighter.


Sag, bad start of the day won’t affect. Romance is in air. You are living in surreal world. Don’t worry though, these are good changes. You might notice a development in your workplace.


Cap, you are a workaholic. But you need some enjoyment also. Take out time for your friends. Don’t over-indulge today. Take care while driving. Feed at least one poor person today… you will feel your day is made.


You start your day on a negative note. But as the day progresses you will be in control. Today is a better day at workplace. Don’t take all tensions on your head. Take care of your health. Check your blood pressure.


Pisces, you are a very smart person with many talents. You have a great talent to escape from difficult situations. You will be centre of attraction today. Even your friends and colleagues trust you intuitionary skills. Light a lamp and pray for some time.