Daily horoscope: What is in store for you , today (May 15)


Success will knock your doors today. You will be enjoying the fruits of your hard labour. You will win accolades from all quarters. Be humble and focus on higher goals.


Taurus, some unhappy events in the past will crowd your thoughts. You will have to come out of that. There may be some confusion as far as the profession is concerned. Meditate some time.


Gemini, don’t get worked up over silly things. Act on impulse as you need to set yourself free at times. You will be surprised by the attention showered by your partner.


Cancer, you are at peace though you are unhappy about certain things in your life. You may not like certain traits of your partner. But you don’t need to rake it up every now and then. Things are going to be better off from now. Surrender to the universal power.


Leo, you will get a lot of attention today. You’ve been too much involved socially. Avoid chances of friction with your colleagues.


Virgo, pressures of professional life have been taking a heavy toll on you. You need to slow down. Fortunately for you, your personal life is moving like a slow-flowing river. Enjoy time with your lover/partner.


Libra, shed your lethargy. You have been shying away from taking decisions. Let out all the frustration you’ve been holding in and it will make you feel much calm.


Scorpio, you will find suddenly your higher-ups are receptive to your ideas. Communication is the key. You have been suffering from lack of confidence, despite your boisterous nature. Meditate for some time. Realise that you are really a bundle of energy.


Sag, your boss has an impression that you are a bluffer. Don’t try to act smart. Start your work early. If you’ve been waiting to do something at work, then do it today. It will be a hectic day for you.



Capricorn, your creativity will be at its peak today. Don’t keep these ideas to yourself. Share them with your colleagues as they will definitely not go unnoticed. Trust yourself and your skills.


There will be many causes for frustration today. You make things worse for you by unnecessarily taking them to the flashpoint. Some health issues will be bothering you. Don’t pick up quarrel with anyone today as it will further add to your worries.


Pisces, you might feel exhausted mentally and physically. Unless you tell others they won’t be knowing your problems. So talk to the people around you. Stars tell that help will come from all sides.



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