BEND OVER, MOTHER: Poem by Maria Pellino

Bend down, Mother,
to silent words
when girl you breathed the odor of the uncertain
and everything was soaked
of fears.
Without realizing they were just drops
of hope to take root on the skin
as graceful as the stars
that the sunset inflames
with its streak happening.
Remain, now, prone in prayer
taming fires on a cold morning.
Remember the taste of love
and keep delight.

Piegati, Madre

Piegati, Madre,
alle mute parole
del tempo
quando fanciulla respiravi l’odore dell’incerto
e tutto era intriso
di timori.
Senza accorgerti erano solo gocce
di speranza ad attecchire sulla pelle
leggiadre come le stelle
che il tramonto infiamma
col suo striato accadere.
Rimani, ora, prona nella preghiera
a domare fuochi in un gelido mattino.
Rimembra il sapore dell’amore
e conservane delizia.

Poem by Maria Pellino

Pellino Maria, educator, lives in the province of Milan. He has received numerous prizes, awards and mentions in national, European and international competitions. He is present with poems and syllogs in various anthologies. He received two press awards in 2017 and 2019 at the Grimoaldo I Prize. Finalist in 2015 and 2019 in the aphorisms section of the National Philosophy Prize. She has published a collection of poems and aphorisms “The immense curve of dreams”, 2019, published by the unpublished literary,Co-author with Loris De Simone in “Casimiro e gli imbaculi” 2020, published by the unpublished literary. Silloge of poems 2021 “The court of the universe” published by the unpublished literary.