Are 36 Rafales dedicated to liberate PoK/Tibet?

Let us connect and aggregate following facts synergistically to arrive at a coherent scenario.

Rafale fighters are not only highly advanced but also the only ones that can be loaded with Brahmos missiles for which China/Pakistan have no match at all.

The government entered into a direct deal with the French government to protect Rafale know-how as well as weapon system to be mounted on fighters. The French government is bound by the agreement to guard highly classified technical know-how of Rafale jet-fighters for a long number of years.

The government decided not to offset Rafale know-how to HAL. It is a known fact that HAL is riddled with corruption and inefficiency. Not only that it is widely mentioned that some HAL officials are in cahoots with anti-national forces, share absolutely classified technical know-how for significant considerations with pro-Pakistan/pro-China elements. Are HAL capable of maintaining highest order of efficiency, quality of workmanship and of course, confidentiality of the highly classified know-how? Most probably not. By the way, corruption is the only plausible explanation for excessive delays in developing Tejas jet-fighters. They are yet to deliver Tejas to Bharatiya Vayu Sena in a fighting-fit condition. HAL already have an unenviable long drawn record of converting MIGs/Mirages into flying coffins and pyres in flames. By no stretch of imagination HAL could be allowed to modify Rafale fighters into death traps, thereby defeating entire modernisation programme of IAF and by no stretch of imagination, HAL could have been allowed to allow technical know-how being bartered away to anti-national forces by possible moles in their hierarchy.

Technical know-how of supersonic Brahmos missile system is possessed by Bharat and Russia only. No other country has any weapon system to match Brahmos developed under joint efforts with Russians. The missile system possesses a unique navigational capability of suddenly changing direction / target as commanded from the base even when very close to the target. It is an important feature that could be a source of perennial headache for those who do not wish to see Bharat rising as a superpower.

Commissioning of Rafale jet-fighters loaded with highly advanced avionics and Hydrogen bomb tipped Brahmos missiles shall impart invincibility upon Bharatiya Vayu Sena vs. a vs. China/Pakistan. 20 such fighters are capable of razing entire China in just one go and Chinese shall be scrambling around like headless chickens absolutely clueless. It is this ferocious comparative advantage that Chinese are extremely worried about.

It appears, Chinese had heavily bribed UPA-I and UPA-II to procrastinate Rafale procurement as much as possible on every conceivable pretext. Now that the Modi government have successfully clinched the deal for earliest delivery of 36 fighter planes in fly away condition, anti-national forces led by Rahul Gandhi/Congress have been hyperactive to ferret out as many technical details as possible, earliest possible. That alone explains why Rahul Gandhi had been so noisy on Rafale issue, prices thereof, why HAL was not involved…why not JPC probe into non-existent corruption etc. His desperation had been so intense that in spite of green clearance from the Supreme Court, they have been raising the muck that rebounded upon them every time they raised it. Is it possible for anyone to explain their sheer desperation had they not been liberally gratified by Chinese and other anti-Bharat forces?

What all these observations weave into? If Prime Minister Modi decides at an opportune moment to strike with Brahmos on Rafales to capture POK, it will be thunderously successful with nil or minimum blood-bath. And should he decide to bully China by engaging 20 Rafales loaded with H-Bomb tipped Brahmos missiles to vacate Tibet, Chinese will have to vacate Tibet, may be with folded hands profusely apologising for the mis-adventure. USA have already been anxious to contain Chinese military / economic / strategic might. Christian world in Europe too, are worried about Chinese expansionism. And they all acknowledge, Bharata is a very responsible / matured nuclear power capable of containing China. Receiving their support is a foregone conclusion.

Rafale, Brahmos, Narendra Modi, China, Tibet, POK and Pakistan have altogether boiled into an interesting cocktail to watch in years to come. But first and foremost pre-condition of all those historic decisions is that Narendra Modi must continue as Prime Minister for next two terms at least for the dream to fructify.



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