A MOTHER’S ARDOUR: Poem by Anamika Nandy

Painting Courtesy: Mother and Child by Ramesh Gujar

It was a night so gloom!
That showed no positivity bloom
The overcast sky thundered
The winter gale blustered
The maternity home
Looked so grim
No signs of cheer
That I could hear
Finally, it was the time
For you to come
After your carriage of nine months
Breaking the barrier of amniotic sac you took birth
You gave one single cry
And bade us goodbye.

My child!
Your terrestrial journey was short
And you left for your heavenly abode.
You blessed my womb,
But it seemed to be the reason of your tomb.
Your father didn’t want that I see you
Because it would only accrue
More pain in my life
That would never wipe
But I took you in my arms
Held you close to my bosom
Oh! The ecstatic sensation
Has no words for expression
My heart full of warmth
Your body cold in a swathe.
They snatched you from me
Your burial I couldn’t see.
Your elixir flowed from my breasts
But no soft lips too taste.
I craved for that tingle
Created by your fingers so nimble.
But no where to find
My darling child!

Years rolled on
With you gone
My fervent ardour for you never diminished
Only my soul needs to be replenished.
You come to my dreams ever night
Without giving a slight fright.
My bosom — now empty receptacle
No child to find it delectable.
You made me complete with your ingress
But desolate with your egress.
My womb lies barren
Desiring you to let it awaken.
My ears eagerly yearn to hear
Your mellifluous voice uttering “Mother” !

How severely I pine
To have you again as mine!
Come back my Sweet!
Defeating the heavily chained feet
Of the repulsive, ruthless Fate
For your mother to sedate
Because she waits and only waits!

Digboi, Assam, India

©Anamika Nandy 2021

Anamika Nandy hails from Digboi, Assam. By profession she is an educationist. She love to read and write. She has a passion to pen down her emotions, views etc. She love to give a helping hand to the society. She enjoys to explore herself through poetry.