9 Reasons Why Congress Will Never Get a Chance to Rule India Again

9 Reasons Why Congress Will Never Get a Chance to Rule India Again

From being the single dominant party in India to its pathetic performance in the recently held assembly elections in five states, the Congress party has been on a steady downhill journey.

The reasons are:-


The worst thing to happen with Congress was its leadership vested upon Jawaharlal Nehru. He appointed his daughter, Indira as Congress President in 1959. Nehru and Indira were also responsible for dismissing of democratically elected communist government headed by EMS Namboodiripad of Kerala in 1959. These were an early sign of the dictatorial nature of Nehru.

All dictators are self-possessed, so was Nehru, who signed Bharat Ratna for himself and through films, government propaganda mechanisms like Radio etc., and through newsprint control and government advertisements in newspapers, he projected himself like a god, who only hoped of the nation and international statesman.


Indira did not rise from grassroots, but with the shrewd measure of her father. Subsequently, through the Kamraj Plan, Nehru prepared the ground for Indira’s rise to PM post. Indira Gandhi was an authoritarian leader who ruled for herself and not for the people’s benefit. She disturbed the balance between judiciary and executive, and suspended democracy for 2 full years, jailing all political opposition. She and her oppressive son Sanjay tried their best to destroy democracy to establish a dynasty.


The party has seen bigger falls in the past with the dynasty in the cockpit. Like under Indira Gandhi, when its strength came down from 352 in 1971 to 154 in 1977. There was a minor revolt in 1978 as a result, but it took Indira very little effort to keep her flock together. After the fall in the 2019 elections, she said, “As the president of the party I have no hesitation in acknowledging that the prime responsibility for our poor performance rests with me.”


Rahul Gandhi has no leadership quality. If he has any leadership quality, he won’t have shown disappoint like this. He is “totally upset” once he failed in an election. How can he lead 1.35 billion people in this complex world? Again, Rahul Gandhi is not a real Hindu. He has a melting pot of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity. Besides, his ex-girlfriend (probably fiancée) is a Christian. This indicates that he has no faith in the Hindu religion.


Priyanka Gandhi too has a hybrid culture of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity. She married a Christian. However, her marriage was not conducted as a Christian ritual. But she deserted Hinduism and converted to Buddhism. Buddhism is an atheist religion. During the election campaign, she had been visiting a lot of Hindu Temples to show off. But no sensible Indian believed that her visit to Hindu Temples was to worship Hindu Gods, rather an election ploy. I believe, Indian voters understood the gimmick behind this gesture of Priyanka.


Once Digvijay Singh shared a stage with Zakir Naik the terrorist Islamic Tele-preacher at Mumbai. Singh embraced Naik in the dais and said that “Zakir Naik is a messenger of peace and his message should be propagated across India”. Digvijay doesn’t only mislead the people and the nation with his anti-national remarks, but also aid and abet with separatist forces, say his opponents.


In 2015, Aiyar during a visit to Pakistan said that Pakistan removes Prime Minister Narendra Modi from power, to be able to continue peace talks between India and Pakistan. Aiyar justified “Charlie Hebdo” attack in France on January 2015, by Islamic terrorists that killed 12 people and injured 11 people. Again, Aiyer justified November 2015, Paris attack by Islamic terrorists that killed 130 people and injured 413 people.


In August 2018, Navjot Singh Sidhu was invited to the oath-taking ceremony of the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. He hugged Qamar Javed Bajwa, the Chief Pakistani Army during the occasion. On 15 February 2019, during an appearance on “The Kapil Sharma Show”, Sidhu condemned Pulwama attack. But he commented: “For a handful of people, can you blame the entire nation of Pakistan and can you blame an individual?” After this event, The Kapil Sharma Show removed Singh as a Presenter.


It is a known fact that Sasi Tharoor despite his poor performance managed to visit parliament with the votes of Communist party in Kerala who never wanted former governor Kummanam Rajashekharan. He is infamous for his controversial statements. Pakistan TV ad mocked at IAF Pilot Abhinandan ahead of India – Pakistan World Cup match 2019. Sasi Tharoor disappointed billions of patriotic Indians by justifying Pakistan’s action.

As long as dynasty politics continue in one country, the family or the party is a curse in that country. The family ensures and involves political games to stay rich.

When congress was started in India, it clearly had a vision. Though it was achieved, the greatest tyranny was started by THE FAMILY. Over the years, it is slowly being understood by the people it’s not the religion, caste, language, colour and culture that is dividing the people but for politicians. And one party that has mastered it is Congress.