Wild elephant inadvertently set on fire in Masinagudi, dies

In a tragic incident, a wild elephant died after a tyre set on fire got caught on its ear here.

The wild elephant had been roaming in the villages of Masinagudi for the last 8 months. The elephant entered human inhibited areas in search of food and water.

Few days back, some of the villagers set fire to a rubber tyre and hurled it at the elephant in an effort to chase it away from their settlement. However, the tyre got stuck on the elephant’s ear and injured the elephant. The elephant sustained severe burns and was bleeding from the subsequent wounds.

The Forest Department noticed the injured elephant 5 days ago. Inspections revealed that the elephant was very weak. On Tuesday, the officials arranged transport to take the elephant away for treatment. But the elephant died on the way.

The post mortem report revealed the ordeal that the elephant underwent. The elephant had sustained injuries to its left ear, left side of its head, left front leg and trunk. The animal was bleeding from the injuries also.

Doctors also said that a shoulder injury sustained earlier could have weakened the elephant further.

Visuals of people setting fire to the tyre and hurling it at the elephant have come out. Two persons have been arrested in connection with the incident. Search is on to find another person.