When the bells toll?

The ringing of a bell has several connotations. Each has a different meaning for every person and occasion. Temple bells are rung upon entry or during aarti to let all negativity exit from the minds and the surroundings. Church bells from the belfry tower to remind every remote corner of the village of the need to awaken from their wine -driven deep slumbers.

It is the practice of certain old-world restaurants to put up a bell at the exit which a diner can ring if he had a good time and was satisfied with the meal served.

What happens when rats scurrying around our mixed, free-for-all society go scot-free to Cambridge and to many other foreign destinations, posting selfies on social media fora and bragging about being worth a few lakhs of crores of ill-gotten wealth? What if one such rodent even dares his arrest by the CBI declaring that over twenty countries welcome him as a privileged investor to walk in and out of their land without any hindrance?

What occurs at the arrest of a vermin by law-enforcement agencies is that every other known criminal in public life goes scurrying and their instigating flocks huddle together in secret conclaves and war-room like digs, holed up to plan a counter offense against a most popular prime minister of the country who would call out on the bluff of these gangster-political beasts that devoured this nation since decades in power.

Public spirits get bolstered. Little gaps in newer schemes announced by the people’s Government are overlooked so these may be filled up soon. Investor-confidence rises. International country rating of our banks which are perennially staring back at us shall hopefully rise over the B+++. Littler scams yet to be publicised would come out of the back-burners.

Oldest wicked jackals like a small-time gold biscuits smuggler turned legislator turned political secretary of vilest scam queen known after Queen Antoinette and Imelda Marcos would be twisting his fingers and calling upon his spades and moles within the endless establishment of babudom to try and pull the rug from beneath the feet of the Emperor!

There are those who are sceptical of things going to a logical conclusion before the next general elections keeping in view the mockery of both public angst and the rule of law made in the much-bandied 2G-scam trial where an ex-minister whose portfolio was shifted from real estate to telecom, literally walked out free to the bursting of firecrackers in National Capital where bursting of fireworks during Diwali was banned!

Let the bells of this fat-cat son of the former finance minister of the billion-plus country ringing shrill today sound the death-knell for the monsters of corruption in India. For, all the toil, labour and hard work of honest citizenry is lost by the evil acts of those greedy termites.

It is high time to ‘Bell’ all the cats of corruption.