When a son is preferred over a daughter

Women and girl children are subjected to various types atrocities such as sexual harassment, trafficking and gender discrimination. Women start facing discrimination right from their homes. A story of a South Indian orthodox family will help us find out how discrimination plays out inside Indian homes.

The Govindarajan-Seetha Devi couple had two children Dharani, 23, and Gagan, 26. Govindarajan  was  a  mathematics  teacher in a  famous  university. As he was about to retire, he wanted his son  to  take up the position  after  leaves the profession. Although his son clears the entrance test and grabs the position, he refused to join the profession as he has some other plans. He wanted to become a writer. However, his daughter attempts the entrance test and comes out in flying colours. But unfortunately her parents want her to get married.

Daughter:  Father  I am very happy that I have fulfilled  your dream  but  you never encouraged  me  as  you encouraged  Gagan . I want to ask you lot of  times  why are you  discouraging  girl education and dreams and independent  life is it mandatory to marry after some time  , there  is no respect  on girls decision . this  all I want to discuss with you but  no one listened me  and encouraged gagan for his writing dream and  to forget about  that moment you have  brought a marriage proposal to me.

A tragedy befell on the family. Dharani was attacked and killed by a dacoit during his bid to steal her. After her death the family lays hands on her diary in which she had written to her parents why she was not allowed to pursue her dreams while her brother was favoured all the time. She states even in families, a woman is subjected to discrimination. This made her father sad. But,then, it was too late.

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