Government to extend NRC to rest of the country, says Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today said the BJP government will implement National Register for rest of the country, stressing that NRC is not applicable only for Assam. Only those with valid citizenship records are recognized as citizens of the country, said Amit Shah in an event conducted by Hindustan Times.

Justifying implementation of NRC throughout the country, Shah said there is not a single country in the world where anybody can just go and live. “We will extend NRC to the rest of the country and create a national register of citizens. There should be a list of all citizens of the country. It is NRC and not Assam Register of Citizens,” he said.

“Those who will be outside the NRC, we will act against those outsiders according to the legal process,” he added. “There is nothing political in that. It’s name itself explains that NRC is a National Register of Citizen not National Register of Assam,” Shah said.

He said NRC is the need of the time and BJP has promised the country in the recent Lok Sabha polls that it will implement NRC not only in Assam but in the entire country. On August 31, the final NRC in Assam was released, leaving 19 lakh people out.

NRC update was started in Assam following a Supreme Court order in 2013 and since then, the apex court has closely monitored the entire process. As per a report presented in Lok Sabha, there are a total of 2 crore illegal immigrants in India.

Revoking of article 370 in Kashmir, Ram temple in Ayodhya and Uniform Civil Code are the key promises that were given during election campaign.