Two Dalit Hindu girls forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan’s Sindh; community protests

On a day Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wished Hindus a happy Holi, the Hindu community in the Daharki town of Sindh’s Ghotki district took out a protest on Thursday to protest against the abduction of two girls and their forcible conversion to Islam, the Express Tribune reported.

In a video clip, which surfaced on social media, the abducted girls were seen reciting kalima and saying, “No one has forced us, we have embraced Islam at will.”  The girls belong to a Dalit community of Malik and are mostly vulnerable to conversion. In almost all cases, the girls are under psychological pressure to confess that they “converted out of their own free will”.

“We approached the police to lodge a first information report (FIR) but all in vain,” a community leader told the daily. Hindu community leader Mukhi Shiv Menghwar said “it was not free will and the girls were in fact kidnapped and forcibly converted”.

In January this year, a Hindu girl in Sindh province was converted and married off to a Muslim man. According to the report, the 16-year-old Hindu girl was abducted before she was married off to the Muslim man.

Anusha Meghwar, from Mehghwar tribe, was allegedly abducted from Salam Kot area in Tharparkar. Meghawar was later forcibly converted and married off to the Muslim man.


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