TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Tuesday, October 14, 2019


With Mercury and Venus in your solar eighth house these days, dear Aries, you are picking up more information than usual through observation. You might wait before you speak a little more often, and you look for layers and levels to a problem or situation. Today’s Mercury-Neptune trine encourages you to see things differently, perhaps with a little more compassion or imagination. Your thinking is creative, particularly when it comes to matters of the past, intimate relationships, and your inner workings. You may be able to see a different level of someone you care about or gain a better understanding of your motivations. You can be fascinated with a mystery, and latent psychic powers or powerful intuition are in force. It can be a time of forgiving others for slights, and this helps boost your mood and your relationships. Connections feel magical at times today.


A new agreement or understanding today can be explicit or unspoken, dear Taurus, but can boost you up. You can feel that things are falling into place quite magically and that you’re in the right place for making, renewing, or improving relationships. It’s a time for new ideas and visions, particularly related to partnerships, friends, and future happiness goals. You can experience a nice boost of compassion, intuition, and imagination for your thoughts, perceptions, and conversations. Be accepting and tolerant now to let all of the good things in! Make a point of seeking out activities that refresh your spirit and connections that delight you. Your imagination is flying high now. The Moon spends the day in your sign, and you’re shining. Solving problems or finding a new way to view a matter can figure strongly.


You’re often in the position to examine the details of matters these days, dear Gemini, and this is helpful for tasks that involve sorting, organizing, and editing. Today, Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, adding imagination and compassion to the mix. If you face perplexing problems, be sure to take a step back from them, as intuition is more likely to kick in if you do so. Creative and even inspired ideas are possible, particularly related to work or health, but they’re also practical enough to hold weight. You seem to navigate to the information or solution you need, almost magically. People may not fully get you, but they are flowing with you and attracted to you today! An imaginative, compassionate, and gentle approach to the world seems to win the most points. In business, it’s called “soft sell, ” but it can be the most rewarding method all around today. For best results, let conversations flow and listen generously.

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There is a gentle, respectful, and imaginative vibe with us today, dear Cancer, and you vibe with it well. You may enjoy a nice mental interlude of sorts, and allowing yourself some freedom to dream, imagine, and create can be especially worthwhile and rewarding. Several aspects in play today boost your creativity and mood. It can be an inspired time for reaching out to others or expressing your ideas, beliefs, and dreams. Romantic sensibilities are strong, and you can enjoy interesting conversations or musings now. It’s a promising day for communications, and you may gain a new perspective as you see the other side of a situation. You might encourage someone to open up about a matter, or you could choose to express an issue that’s been a load on your mind with someone you trust, serving as a satisfying release.


You can be quite content with letting things flow along today, dear Leo, and you can benefit from this interlude. Mercury and Neptune are harmonizing, and it’s a time for appealing to your sense of wonder and feelings of compassion. You might especially enjoy entertainment that engages your emotions and imagination. It’s a good time for stepping back from the routine and letting your imagination go. Your ability to listen and make anyone feel interesting is even stronger than usual today. You might bond with someone through a supportive discussion or come across especially beneficial information. Your intuition is serving you well. Solutions might come about unconventionally. You may be working on releasing negative feelings about a relationship or a past hurt, and conversations tend to be sympathetic.


You can find much value in different tastes and styles today, dear Virgo. Acceptance is strong, and it feels good to relax your standards on some level, letting more in. You may very well benefit from different viewpoints and perspectives today, as well as inspire others with yours. Imaginative activities and thinking figure strongly now, and connecting with others on whole new levels can help you part with negative stress. You’re also expressing yourself more imaginatively and charmingly. Agreements and negotiations are favorable, and you might enjoy guiding, teaching, or soothing people with your words and possible solutions to problems. The Moon spends the day in your sector of spirit, encouraging you to focus on mind expansion and emotional renewal.

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Today is powerful for resolving problems and getting to the right places through conversations and musings, dear Libra. If you need to release stress or let go of possessive feelings, you’ll find the day most excellent for this kind of acceptance. You might also gain knowledge that helps your financial picture today. You can be particularly motivated to bring more beauty and harmony to your home environment. If it’s possible, pass on intensive work and focus instead on creative or overview thinking. It can be an excellent idea day, and conversations with others can be enlightening. There is a sense that flowing along with the natural rhythms of your life will get you where you want to go in a happier, more peaceful way than if you were to try to push things along.


Creative expression and imaginatively connecting with others are favored today, dear Scorpio. Conversations can be uplifting, and fantasies or musings are positive, lighting up your higher mind and opening up new possibilities. Someone may appreciate your unique viewpoint, or you may be attracting someone with your perceptive and understanding personality. Something happens that helps you soften your rougher edges, and you can find it empowering to let go of frustrations and instead focus on those things, situations, and people that inspire you. You might come across information that benefits you greatly. It’s also a fabulous time for self-discovery as well as an examination of your dreams, desires, and plans. Writing and communications are particularly imaginative today.


The day may not have a clear mission, dear Sagittarius, but it may do best without one! You are seeking out-of-the-ordinary or colorful connections, ideas, and experiences. Some of you might reminisce about the past and thoroughly savor your memories. It’s a good time for letting bygones be bygones, especially with family. You might see others in a more positive light–or a more human light–seeing the beauty in weakness or imperfections. You might help someone out with your advice or through listening, reinforcing, and acknowledging. Incoming information now can put you ahead on business or economic lines. Your instincts with money and value are excellent. You might recognize new levels or dimensions of your needs now, which benefits decision-making.

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You’re in particularly good shape for cooperative efforts, especially where it concerns communications, dear Capricorn. Interactions are peaceful and warm, and you’re looking at relationships, ideas, and problems from a more accepting standpoint. There is some tendency to avoid unpleasant work or tasks, but it’s a beautiful time for entertaining new ideas, dreams, and possibilities. Expanding your reach and connections can be rewarding. You find it easier than usual to go with the flow, and it’s useful for you to do now and again! Current transits tend to lighten your mental load and soften your disposition. The Moon spends the day in your sector of joy, self-expression, play, and recreation, encouraging you even further to release stress and connect with your inner child.


Today’s energies favor imagination, hunches, and inspiration, dear Aquarius. You’re accessing your intuition in delightful ways, and business can improve as a result. New ideas can begin to come together, or you see the missing links now. Interactions tend to be kinder and gentler, and perhaps quite inspiring. Your insight can add another dimension to a connection. Going with the flow just for a while can be refreshing and even therapeutic. Even so, you might arrive at a better understanding of your ambitions and goals. Your reputation or professional status might improve with your generosity and kindness. The Moon spends the day in your family and home sector, however, and you’re quite happy with taking a break.


You’re in a good position for conversations and inspiration today, dear Pisces, with Mercury in harmony with your sign and Neptune. This transit tends to create a pleasant atmosphere for accessing your intuition and communicating with others on all sorts of levels or dimensions. It puts you in great shape for reaching out and sharing your ideas or a unique perspective, as well as for learning something entirely new and hopeful. You might connect intuitively with a special person in your life since Mercury rules your partnership sector. You may want to give voice to topics that are close to your heart. This energy is very much up your alley, and you can discover that you vibe well with today’s atmosphere.

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