You’re relationship-focused today, dear Aries. In the first half of the day, it seems that pairing up has its rewards. This is an encouraging time for sharing ideas, new interests, rediscovering an old romance or friendship, and for creative and publishing projects. Your outlook is especially constructive and optimistic, and you project self-confidence and goodwill, quickly attracting the cooperation of others. With the Sun and Jupiter in harmony, your enthusiasm is building, especially along creative or romantic lines. It’s a good time for enjoying with a friend, and for focusing on light-hearted topics. It’s also reliable for bonding, teaming up, and forgiving or building trust.


The Moon continues its transit of your work and health sector until almost midday, dear Taurus. This is a time for handling details and getting chores done. Later today, however, a social theme emerges, but you’re also in great shape on an emotional level. A Sun-Jupiter trine helps to open your heart and produces flowing energy related to family or emotions. A progressive spirit predominates. New ideas and solutions are in the offing. You can feel quite a bit of enthusiasm building, and a sense of support is uplifting. Your personal life, intimate relationships, and family or household matters are in particularly good form. You can be eager to put an issue, resentment, or regret behind you. This is a definite time for considering what you can do to make yourself a better life.


The Moon continues its transit of your joy sector until almost midday, dear Gemini, and you’re inclined to seek out pleasure and express your playful side. After this, the Moon enters your work and health sector, promoting a push towards taking care of your daily affairs or routines. A theme building today also serves to build your enthusiasm for your ideas and a relationship. As you express yourself more positively and confidently, you seem to secure the right responses from others. It’s an excellent time for meeting someone or for enjoying the company of a person who is already in your life. There can be a settling of a past matter or an agreement made now. Others can benefit from your know-how. Or, this energy is about teaming up with a partner. You’re likely to find that people are giving one another the benefit of the doubt. Building faith in a relationship can be in focus and rewarding.


The Moon continues its transit of your home and family sector for most of the first half of the day, dear Cancer, encouraging you to rest and nest. Later, the Moon moves into your sector of pleasure, joy, and expression, stimulating a need to enjoy and express yourself. As the day advances, too, a strong desire to move on is with you as you catch the vibes of a Sun-Jupiter trine. The motivation to work and produce takes hold, and money, business, work, and health methods are favored. Enthusiasm grows, as does your confidence, particularly on practical levels. There seems to be a reason for renewed hope or optimism about finances or work. A work or self-care program can motivate and inspire you.


The Moon continues its transit of your communications sector, keeping you busy, dear Leo, almost until midday. While the Moon then heads into your home sector, and you may want to take a break, this can be a wonderfully creative time for you. Aim to let things flow. The Sun in your sign connects harmoniously with Jupiter, and Venus will do the same in a couple of days. People enjoy your company and seek you out. It’s an excellent time for building bridges or boosting current relationships. Hobbies and recreational pastimes can be in stronger focus. You’re especially inclined to dream big dreams as you focus on renewal and creative refreshment. You may feel freer to express yourself or happy to explore hobbies and other forms of expressive recreation.


The Moon continues to highlight your increased need for security and comfort until almost midday, dear Virgo. Later, the Moon heads into your communications sector, piquing your curiosity. Especially as the day progresses, people seem quite willing to appreciate and enjoy the differences between them. It’s a time to give off good vibes and attract things and people to you. With a Sun-Jupiter trine, you’ll do well to focus on the big picture and put aside (or maybe resolve) small differences and problems. This is particularly the case in your emotional world, personal life, and involving home and family matters since this transit occurs in your soul sectors. It’s a significant influence for making peace with the past and more thoroughly enjoying downtime, loved ones, and family. Sharing your happiness with others feels right with this forgiving, happy, and cooperative energy.


The Moon continues to transit Libra for most of the first half of the day, dear Libra, sparking a desire to begin anew. Later today, the Moon heads into your resources sector, and this settles you down as you seek out more comfort and pleasure. Even so, a Sun-Jupiter aspect in play today is friendly, keeping you pleasantly alert. There can be a conversation with a friend or encouraging news that lifts your spirits. You may feel especially confident about a particular goal or idea. It can also be an excellent time for enjoying your studies or a special interest. You can see the bigger picture, or a friend can help you see a new, more optimistic perspective. Others might reinforce or supplement your ideas in pleasant ways. Answers come more easily when you share your problems today. Connecting, mingling, chatting, and networking can encourage you or bring opportunities into your life. Contributions from others tend to be useful or motivating.


The Moon spends most of the first half of the day in “hiding” in your solar chart, dear Scorpio. Once done there, it enters your sign, and this makes the second half of the day livelier and more active. As well, a Sun-Jupiter trine comes into play, and you’re quick to find reasons to enjoy yourself. This influence connects your work and resources sectors, inspiring enthusiasm for a project, business, or financial matter, and hurdles seem smaller as a result. You’re also in the right place for asking for what you want and for presenting your ideas. Thinking up long-term plans can be fun and useful now. Enthusiasm for a project, particularly a practical or business-related one, is building. People are interested in what you do! Cooperation seems more straightforward than usual with this kind of breezy energy.


People see your best qualities in a favorable (or new and improved) light today, dear Sagittarius, with Jupiter in your sign in harmony with the Sun. It’s a good time to get noticed in all the right ways. Feelings are upbeat, and you’re calmer and more composed than usual. Still, you can be feeling some excitement and enthusiasm about your interests, a piece of news, or promising prospects. There could be some recognition for work you did in the past, or excitement about the revival of a favorite dream/plan. You are looking at the world around you, yourself, and situations with building confidence and positivity. Attending special events can be useful for making the right connections. Note that in just two days, Venus will harmonize with Jupiter as well. This, too, puts you in great shape for enjoying yourself and attracting good things into your life.


While you begin the day wanting to accomplish something substantial, dear Capricorn, energies seem to loosen you up as the day advances. The Sun in your intimacy sector is heading toward a supportive trine to Jupiter. You can be strongly attracted to what’s beneath the surface or hidden from sight, and you can delight in trying to solve a mystery or figuring something out now. You feel particularly confident with your private feelings and needs or with close relationships (or both). It becomes far more comfortable to resolve emotional dilemmas or predicaments, or, if not fix, make peace with your problems. You might decide to share a burden, secret, or problem now. Some form of satisfying release may arrive for issues that have been weighing heavily on you. This is a time to see the hidden layers or elements of a situation to your advantage. The day seems to play in your favor on an emotional plane.


Partnering or teaming up with someone can be particularly beneficial today and the next couple of days, dear Aquarius. A relationship can improve tremendously by focusing on long-term happiness goals. A significant someone can be an excellent sounding board for your ideas. The Sun and Jupiter harmonize with each other and your sign, and in just two days, Venus will connect well with Jupiter, too. Both the Sun and Venus are in your partnership sector, while Jupiter is benefiting your friendships. These transits inspire positive thinking and actions that improve your life or that lead to intrinsic rewards. You might experience an epiphany, moment of understanding, or a positive focus for your attention that helps lift your spirits. It’s a great time to willingly let go of a grudge, do someone a favor, spread your good cheer, or go out of your way to help or compliment someone.


With a Sun-Jupiter aspect in play today, dear Pisces, you may very well solve a work or mechanical issue, and it can be a wonderful relief. Objectivity is in plentiful supply. Even so, it’s also a beautiful time for tapping into your intuition for work or health issues. You are quick to forgive and possibly even forget today and the next couple of days with today’s aspect and a Venus-Jupiter connection on its way. There is an active, open, and generous spirit building. You may be resolving to focus on making improvements. Aim to enjoy the benefits of cooperation. The chance to straighten out a misconception can emerge, and others seem to recognize your efforts, talents, or leadership ability. This can also be a time when you’re particularly inspired by a work or health pursuit, project, or lifestyle adjustment.


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