TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Thursday, October 17, 2019


The day’s energies are quite useful for research, finances, and home matters, dear Aries. There is positive forward energy in these areas of life, and you can feel supported, or you could come across great ideas to make improvements with these matters. It’s also a supportive day for connecting, sharing, and communicating, and a one-on-one connection can be powerful. You may find yourself in motion, making connections, mingling, and perhaps a little scattered at times, but you’re also mentally stimulated. Someone in your life can be offering up some food for thought, and you may very well arrive at a fabulous idea when you pair up. It’s important to mix up the routine a little as you get your business done. You can be partnering in unique and creative ways now.


You’re especially drawn to the physical world and practical activities today, dear Taurus. You can be quite happy and content with a steady pace and light productivity. It’s a fabulous time for sticking to a particular diet, health pursuit, or job. You have a stronger understanding of your needs and desires, and this helps you make the right decisions for you. Activities that ground you fare the best at the moment. Finding happiness in what you already have is an important life strategy, and it’s something you do particularly well, especially today! You’re also in great shape for regrouping through special attention to your routines and chores. The social side of your life is just fine today, as well, and you’re likely to find people more willing to cooperate with you than usual.


This can be a good day for finding the right information or resources in your work, dear Gemini. As well, the Moon in your sign harmonizes with Mars in your creativity sector, and you’re expressing yourself with more imagination, warmth, and joy. This day strongly favors creative efforts and romantic advances, and people around you seem especially willing to appreciate your natural personal style. Emotions are immediate and at the surface, and you’re setting the pace. It can be quite intuitive to channel emotional energy in satisfying ways, particularly related to creative or recreational activities. You’re brave about expressing your affection or your more unique qualities. Light competition can be energizing, and you seem to come out on top whatever the outcome.


Your mood is generally forward-looking and upbeat today, dear Cancer. If you can manage to focus your energies on something fun rather than routine, you’re likely to thrive. It’s a time for taking things easy with the Moon transiting the sign just behind yours, closing up a lunar cycle in your solar chart. Transits today seem to encourage you to allow your imagination to lead you. Your focus on memories and the past can be fertile, and daydreaming may very well be productive as long as you do so when safe and appropriate. Sticking with quiet activities, if possible, is most helpful emotionally. You’re digesting and processing recent experiences, and it can take a bit of time to get in touch with your innermost feelings. There can be good energy for family activities or work around the home, and others seem particularly obliging right now.


Your houses of relationship are harmonizing today, dear Leo, and your focus can be on creative sharing and interaction. Pleasant interactions improve your mood. It’s a potentially fantastic day for self-expression. There is a natural flow to networking, teamwork, sharing ideas, guiding, and learning. You seem to need just a little more space and room than usual, and if afforded it, you thrive best right now. With the Moon in your solar eleventh house, a sector of the chart that rules higher aspirations, the primary key to emotional satisfaction or fulfillment may be to focus on those wishes and dreams dearest to your heart. Helping someone out or taking the initiative to make a connection can also figure strongly.


Today’s energies are excellent for making connections and communicating, dear Virgo, but it also bodes well for practical pursuits. You quickly see what’s most valuable or worth your time, making decisions easier and smarter. You come across well on professional or public levels. Whether you’re inspired to make more money or by a new idea, you’re feeling quite motivated and willing to pursue a mission. Others seem to move out of the way and let you do your thing today! Keep the momentum going by applying yourself to the things you love to do. Today can also favor rearranging and redoing areas of your life that could use a bit of improvement. You’re motivated to make things right and set things straight. Do-it-yourself projects are highly favored.


There’s a pleasant emphasis on your houses of self-expression today, dear Libra, and making satisfying connections, learning, and guiding can be rewarding. Your enthusiasm may rest very much on an idea or feeling that inspires you. You’re also in good shape for connecting with people or information that help you see a new path on practical levels. Pouring energy into the world rather than keeping things to yourself seems to be most beneficial today. Your instincts to venture out and about or to explore new ideas are strong. With this natural enthusiasm, you may very well inspire others. You’re putting things into perspective and feeling positive about what’s yet to come. Your vitality runs high, and you can achieve your goals with much more ease than usual, or some gentle competition can move you now.


You’re inclined to look at things from a faithful and positive perspective today, dear Scorpio. Meetings can occur with people with whom you share similar interests. You seem to gravitate toward situations or people that help you grow, and they may even fill you with a sense of purpose. Even so, you’re also inclined to look within, and you can learn a lot about yourself right now. You may be motivated to put a problem behind you. You’re in great shape for connecting with your deeper needs and desires, which have been a little more complicated and layered than usual. You’re brave on an emotional level, and good energy is with you for making peace with the past. It’s an outstanding day for getting your emotional bearing and connecting with your inner strength and resolve.


This is a strong day for tuning in to your intuition regarding money and business matters, dear Sagittarius. Look for ways to improve your relationships with people you work with or for! Also today, the Moon transits your opposite sign and harmonizes with Mars. There could be someone who gently challenges you or encourages you to take care of business. Pairing up seems to work best for you today. Whether you’re noticing differences or similarities, you’re challenged and ultimately strengthened by your interactions. There is a comfortable, pleasant feeling of being connected, and you’re ready to take the initiative. You may feel good about getting support or doing the supporting–either way, you crave the connection. Openness to new ways of interacting has its rewards now.


You’re encouraged to reach out and connect today, dear Capricorn. There are rewards in one-on-one conversations in particular. Even so, the Moon’s transit of your work and health sector all day keeps you quite focused on the practical or working world. Its harmony with Mars at the top of your solar chart gently encourages you to reach a little higher, and you instinctively do this through working a little harder. It’s a good time for feeling more purposeful through your tasks or projects. Your instincts for personal presentation are accurate now, supporting your efforts to reach your practical goals. You feel more fulfilled if you handle problem areas and produce, and you experience a feeling of being refreshed and revitalized through your work or service.


Today seems to support satisfying emotional and creative expression, dear Aquarius. The Moon harmonizes with your sign as well as Mars in your adventure sector, and asserting your needs and desires flows naturally. You’re not fighting the waves right now! It’s a good day for expressing your affections in simple, straightforward ways, and especially through what you do. It can be a wonderfully creative and expressive day, and you’re well-supported for sharing a bit of yourself with others. Playful energies are pronounced and may come as a gentle relief. You’re generous with your time and energy today, and you’re coming across as magnetic and expressive. You could be feeling quite a bit more sociable than usual and less focused on work and responsibilities. However, even if you’re not looking for it, there can be some good ideas that could improve your work or health circulating now.


Helpful news or ideas can come in that lifts your spirits today, dear Pisces. It can be a rewarding day for connecting with family or your inner world, and you’re ready to pay special attention to your emotional needs and support systems. You are exceptionally aware of unfulfilled needs and desires right now, but it’s not a time for sitting on your feelings–you prefer to do something about them. Intimate and personal matters can improve. You’re in particularly good shape for building and strengthening your inner confidence. Today’s energies are generally suitable for feeling rooted and secure, but you won’t necessarily be content unless you accomplish something. You might choose to take the initiative or a big step towards creating more security or harmony in your personal life.

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