TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Sunday, 8 September 2019


A couple of aspects active now can give you a nice boost, dear Aries, particularly with work, health, and daily routines. You can learn something valuable or meaningful about any of these matters, and this can push you on a new path. You are determined to make improvements, so take advantage! This is a strong time to make plans and devise strategies. You are very willing to put in the detail work involved with moving towards a long-term or ambitious goal. Motivation comes from a more definite end goal or sense of meaning with what you’re doing. Self-improvement is in high focus. Clearing up the clutter is necessary and beneficial now. Securing or accomplishing something important to you can be your major focus, and it works!


Today’s energies are excellent for meaningful conversations, dear Taurus, as well as for gaining valuable insight into a person or desire. Communications are in great shape right now with increased depth, intensity, and sincerity. Sharing your plans with someone and perhaps brainstorming to improve them can be rewarding. Developing satisfying rules or expectations in a relationship can be in focus now. Priorities come easily, and you can effectively tune out distractions as you feel more motivated to handle a matter or pursue a project or personal interest. You might also find that you’re able to draw on self-discipline. Creative projects that require a practical touch or detail work can especially benefit now. Laying down the law or boundaries can be helpful as well. You’re in a great position to apply yourself to something fulfilling and worthwhile.


Your communications or thoughts hold increased power and passion today, dear Gemini. You’re not content to only scratch the surface of an issue, preferring to see things all the way through. Fortunately, getting to the bottom of a matter is favored now. You tend to poke and prod, investigate, and analyze at the moment, up until you are comfortable that you know enough! New strategies and developments in your personal or family life are promising, and conversations (or further thought) can be helpful and revealing. You tend to apply yourself to meaningful projects and make headway now–those things that will last are most interesting to you today. Good things truly do take time and effort, and you’re happy to contribute now. If you can manage to set your own pace today, you can move mountains.


Transits today help you to get to the bottom of a problem or situation, dear Cancer. Deep subjects and previously hidden information can figure strongly now. Conversations or analyses and musings can lead to valuable insight into a person in your life, a relationship, or a project. You might bond with a special person over an intimate conversation or a powerful observation. It’s a good time to share your thoughts and perhaps brainstorm to improve them. Monetizing a hobby, putting in extra effort for a creative project, and developing satisfying rules or expectations in a relationship can be in focus. Priorities come easily, and you can effectively tune out distractions as you feel more motivated to handle a matter or pursue a project or personal interest. Working with someone one-on-one can be of mutual benefit.


While you can begin the day feeling somewhat scattered, dear Leo, you’re likely to enjoy pleasant intensity as it advances. Current strengthening aspects benefit you most along practical lines, with money, work, health, and habits. Thinking a little more deeply about these matters can lead to valuable strategies and insight. Good energy is with you for concentrating and focusing on what most matters to you, and you can find ways to improve or secure your future in critical ways. You might decide to get to the bottom of things or tighten the details of a plan. Confidence builds as the day advances, and you can get a lot done. You have an exceptional sense of what is truly valuable to you, and also of your capabilities. Meeting your responsibilities is satisfying. Be sure to take advantage and put concerted effort and energy into something worthwhile to you.


While the day’s energies are somewhat choppy in the first half, dear Virgo, as the day advances, you become increasingly more focused and determined. Mercury in your sign harmonizes with Pluto, putting you in an advantageous position with creative projects, personal appeal, romance, or children. It can also be a time for gathering valuable resources and information. A conversation or thought process may help you release recent mental tension. A moderate approach seems your best bet, and you’re willing to start small and work yourself up to the big stuff. This patience will reward you! Meeting your responsibilities and building something valuable is most satisfying now. It’s entirely natural to take on responsibilities and feel good about yourself as you do today.


You’re in a great position to see what others are overlooking, dear Libra, and you’re in a healthy place emotionally. The best way to truly process and digest recent experiences is through some form of relaxation or retreat. You may need to step back from situations to see the whole story. It would benefit you greatly to focus on what you can get rid of that will help to simplify and improve your life going forward, including attitudes or habits. Listen to family members who have something valuable or meaningful to say, or to your intuition about your personal life. Giving your support to others can be rewarding. Especially as the day advances, pouring your energy into a special project is fulfilling. You might find that you get some small area of your life back on track, organized, or otherwise running smoothly, and this can be very satisfying.


While the day can start off feeling somewhat up in the air, dear Scorpio, you’re in great shape for communications as the day advances. You’re in an ideal position to persuade, share, and connect. Learning flows well, or there’s a moment of truth and new insight into a friendship. Connections made now can be very fruitful. Conversations are instructional but also satisfying. You may be doing some guiding or teaching now, and it’s fulfilling. As the day advances, pouring your energy into a special project can be wonderfully absorbing. This is a clean-up period on mental levels, and clarifying a matter can be in focus. Decision-making improves as you see your prospects more clearly.


While scattered energy continues into today, dear Sagittarius, as the day advances, you’re in great shape for concentrating on your priorities. You might come to a valuable conclusion about a career or money matter. Business matters tend to thrive today–you have an intuitive sense of what is useful and what may be unessential and better off left behind you. This can also be a time for meaningful conversations and positive word of mouth. As you feel more and more comfortable with your responsibilities today, things seem to fall into place in your life quite naturally. It’s a time for taking care of business, and the motivation to do so is building. Being productive can satisfy a need now. Your practical affairs benefit, and any work you do on advancing toward your goals is bound to be meaningful and prosperous.


Current transits enhance your persuasive abilities, dear Capricorn, and stimulates good energy for reading, listening, conversing, learning, and absorbing valuable information. You may feel inspired by an idea or learn something that excites you and positively impacts future projects. A new interest or studies may be on the horizon. You’re in an excellent position to promote, publish, learn, travel, or present your ideas now. As you feel more and more comfortable with your responsibilities or doing something on your own, your energy levels even out. Transportation issues can also be in focus, with new avenues opening up for getting out and about. You’re more ambitious and focused on setting goals. You’re in positive focus–hard to miss or ignore today!


The idea of making profound or long-lasting changes is very appealing to you today, dear Aquarius, especially after the somewhat scattered energies of the morning. You are in great shape for instinctively finding the information you need. Conversations and connections are likely to work very much in your favor. Willingness to see something or face a truth opens you up to new insight, and this can be a particularly good time for making lifestyle or financial changes. Your energy levels smooth out, and it feels good. Today’s energies support structured and practical activities. It’s harder to break your concentration as you are far less sensitive to potential distractions.


While the morning finds you somewhat unsettled or restless, dear Pisces, you’ll find your focus is stronger as the day advances. It’s an excellent time for concentration and a sense of mission, passion, or purpose. With a powerful trine between Mercury and Pluto, the connections you make or conversations you have can be very revealing and fruitful. An understanding with someone close to you can be a gentle form of relief. A Mars-Saturn influence is practically helpful–you may thoroughly enjoy doing something productive. This is a good day for working together with others towards a common goal. Even if it’s just with one trusted person, you’re at your best now in a partnership or team, and you can get quite a bit done. Prioritizing comes readily now.