TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Sunday, 6 October 2019


Conversations or news today can pull up tricky areas involving sharing, such as with money or responsibilities, dear Aries, and there can be some resultant tension. Aim to deal with interrupted plans or opposition to ideas with a spirit of forgiveness and cooperation, as challenging as this can be today! Entertain new ideas and perspectives but wait until mental tension or the minor problems of daily life subside to draw firm conclusions. Avoid, too, impatiently handling matters, as mistakes could be made this way. Hunches may not lead you in the right direction, so take your time with new thoughts and observations. ]Watch your money carefully today – this is not the time to be impulsive or rash. With Uranus heavy and challenging today, it’s best not to give in to urges to rebel or jump ship. Today’s energy is good for getting many different things done, but not necessarily for concentrated efforts.


The ideas you generate today can be exciting and even brilliant, dear Taurus. However, there can be problems conveying your message, or you seem to stir up some opposition. There can be clashes with others on views and opinions. Your responses to the opposition may surprise you and jumpstart your thinking. Aim to learn from your interactions, even if they are frustrating! Even if communications and interactions are on the challenging or frustrating side, you can come out of them feeling more decided and even enlightened. However, some people may be picking fights just because they don’t know what to do with themselves, and it’s wise to pass on this kind of situation. The Moon spends much of the day in your spirit sector, helping you rise above the little problems, and a Mercury-Uranus aspect active today suggests there may be more of these issues than usual!


While this is a favorable day for thinking outside the box and finding interesting ways to approach problems, dear Gemini, mental disconnects with people around you are possible. It’s not a day when you can expect the usual routine and everything to go exactly as planned as your ruler, Mercury, heads into opposition with Uranus. There can be a surprise element today–unexpected events, someone from your past, a chance meeting, or similar situations. It may be best to steer clear of touchy subjects and topics of conversation now, as it’s a better time for communicating technically than sensitively. You may indeed be thinking in unique and perhaps inspired ways, but distractions are likely, so take notes rather than lock things down. Watch, too, for absent-mindedness.


Communication may be a little abrupt or brusque today, dear Cancer, and tension can lead to errors. It may very well be impatience that trips you up now. People seem to challenge ideas more than open their mind to them, so it may be a better idea to state your case later. As well, our minds and plans can be particularly scattered, making it difficult to follow or concentrate and focus on a mental level. Watch for poorly thought-out observations or too-quick communications. Even so, this is a great time to learn from differences. You’ll get a stronger sense of your own opinion through your interactions, and even from others’ opposition, as annoying as it can be. The Moon in your partnership sector for most of the day suggests that you’re more inclined to take others’ opinions to heart, so it may be a good idea to surround yourself with the right people!


It can be a challenge to concentrate at times today, dear Leo. Whether there are more distractions than usual or you are more sensitive to the usual ones, watch for impatience or too-quick decisions. Still, changes of plans or opposition might lead to something better or to the clarification of your views on a matter. Different perspectives can be frustrating, but they can also be useful learning experiences. It’s not the best time for asking for what you want or for trying to push a new idea. Seek a change of scenery, which can help refresh you and perhaps lead to a new perspective as well. Mercury and Uranus are stirring up a bit of controversy and may delay the realization of what you’re trying to accomplish. Or, you can vacillate between options, and what looks exciting now could be seen in an entirely different light at a later date. Restlessness might lead you in the wrong direction, so try your best to muster up patience.


Pressures on you may be stronger than usual, dear Virgo, with your ruler, Mercury, in opposition to Uranus. Communications may be brusque or catch you off guard. Information coming in might have you questioning a matter that you previously felt confident about, or something communicated has you feeling off your game. There can be disruptions in your schedule today to boot. Even though they can be frustrating, events today can bring you to interesting and valuable perspectives on issues, or to a better understanding of your own mind. A conversation or idea can awaken you to something meaningful. It may very well be time to reconsider your plans and make sure they truly align with your deepest desires.


Decisions and choices can be a little rushed today, dear Libra, or you may feel pushed and prodded. Your schedule could be chaotic, and this leads to very little time or patience to sort things out. With money and valuables, avoid a slapdash approach, as there can be a tendency to forget or overlook important details. There could be some worry about sources of income, so concentrate on the steps you need to take to make you feel more secure. While tensions are likely, you may come to a whole new perspective on a business or money matter through your thoughts or the conversations that take place today. There can be friction and conflict involved! Aim to keep a cool head since worry has no value unless it’s just enough to prompt you to make important changes and to take precautions.


A partner may not see things the same way you do today, dear Scorpio, and there’s no need to take things personally. Mercury in your sign opposes Uranus in your partnership sector, and you could face some opposition to your commentary or plans. If people are unreliable right now, focus on yourself so that you don’t feel at someone’s mercy. Unexpected technical difficulties can occur that seem to set you back, and this could be encountered in either the physical world or on a mental plane, as we may not be choosing the right words to express ourselves now. Whatever confrontations occur today, however, can bring you to a greater understanding of where you stand and what you truly want. As well, you could ultimately feel closer to someone with honesty and respect in the picture. Consider that some opposition or challenge could help clarify your ideas or a matter in your relationship. Today’s energies can challenge you to confront and manage emerging issues that have been buried, swept under the carpet, or otherwise hidden.


You’re in a mostly solid frame of mind today, dear Sagittarius. Still, as the day advances, some lack of organization can get in the way of your pursuits. You may need to adjust to interruptions and distractions. It’s not easy to see eye to eye with others right now. Communication can be a little self-centered and not necessarily sensitive as a result. It can be challenging to stay on top of your routines or work, or a lack of routine and general disarray can get in the way of your pursuits, and there can be some need to adjust to interruptions and distractions. Aim to learn from any confrontations that arise now, if they do. If the tension is internalized, take steps to get a little more order into your life. Borrowing from the future to make today a little easier is rarely a good idea, and this applies to more than only money – time and energy are valuables that we can be tempted to believe we’ll have more of at a later date.


The Moon continues to transit your sign for most of the day, dear Capricorn, and you’re prioritizing your feelings and emotional needs. Misleading information can arrive today, and your best bet is to keep your perspective – something that you are naturally skilled at doing! Getting lost in details is not going to do you much good, and harping on specific words said can only lead to overanalysis and frustration. If you free your mind, you can get to some very exciting, if off-the-wall, insights. Opposing ideas can be in stronger focus than usual, but unusual and exciting insights can emerge from conversations, news, or further thinking. Tension is more likely in the process, so take steps to ground yourself and reduce stress if it’s not getting you anywhere.


There can be some tension to navigate today, dear Aquarius, but there is a lot to learn from your interactions. There may be some mental disconnects or contrariness, and a straightforward approach may go over as insensitive, or holding back may be interpreted as indifference. Remind yourself that differences in attitudes are not always a sign of a deeper problem and that there are times when clashes lead to important realizations. If you take a step back and observe what comes of a stand-off, you might come to an exciting conclusion. Plans may be a little premature, so avoid putting them into action just yet. With the Moon in your privacy sector virtually all day, you have even more reason to take things easy and avoid jumping into something new. Ideally, if there is a change of plans now, it leads you on a pleasant detour.


It can be a challenge to say the right thing at the right time today, dear Pisces, with Mercury heading into opposition to Uranus. Plans made now may seem perfectly legitimate but may lack some vital practical points, or you may not have all the information in front of you. Still, it’s a good time to learn from the opposition stirred today, and perhaps even understand what you truly believe and desire more fully. People around you can be temperamental, or they’re quick to contradict you, and you prefer a more sensitive approach. It makes sense to be a bit more protective of information or feelings just for now due to an impulsive tendency with us today. If people aren’t catching on to your point of view today, which is possible with a Mercury-Uranus challenge, don’t take it to heart. The focus now should be on letting go and releasing rather than building up more frustrations and resentments.


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