TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Saturday, October 19, 2019


The Moon’s move into your solar fourth house for a couple of days suggests the need to regroup, dear Aries. With this transit, familiar faces and places can help you do just that! A supportive Mercury-Pluto transit reinforces the desire to go deep. This influence encourages you to sort out problems intellectually and puts you in fantastic shape for strategy about business, finances, and other practical matters. Verbalizing a fear may help take away its power, or someone you care about can help talk you through it and get to a more reasonable place. Others can be sounding boards for business or monetary strategies. You might recognize problematic thinking patterns that should be discarded and put behind you. You can benefit from uncovering secrets or investigating a matter more deeply.


There can be illuminating conversations with or about a partner today, dear Taurus. You may gain new insights into problems as you’re now privy to a different layer of a situation. You’re inclined to analyze, investigate, and go deep. You might see where relationship dynamics that are no longer working well for you, and this insight opens the doors to change. Energies are ripe for brainstorming or connecting with someone through the mind. While you sometimes prefer to skim the surface of problems, favoring peace and comfort over messy problem-solving, today, you’re open to facing matters and dealing with them. You may be redefining your beliefs through a significant someone. The Moon heads into your communications sector for a couple of days, kindling your curiosity and inspiring you to make more connections.


The Moon leaves your sign today, dear Gemini, and enters your solar second house. This transit turns your attention to your practical needs for a couple of days. It also helps you tap into patience, and a Mercury-Pluto transit in effect now reinforces this. You’re inclined to sort things out on a mental level with this transit, and you can get places with this approach! Analysis, research, and investigation are especially favored, and your ability to focus, wait, strategize, and plan increases. You can be particularly wise about knowing what is no longer useful or right for you, and this can help you to tidy up your life in a significant way. Further information about your job or health can emerge, and this helps you to make sound choices and decisions. You can be more effective in your communications, able to focus on what matters most. Your powers of investigation are even stronger than usual.


The Moon enters your sign today, dear Cancer, serving to awaken and arouse your feelings. Even so, today is also an excellent time for applying yourself, especially to creative pursuits. You see a new layer to a situation, gaining insight into a creative or romantic matter as further information emerges. Conversations with a partner, romantic interest, or children are especially helpful today. Discussions are in-depth or cover deep topics. Creatively speaking, it’s a time for seeing things more clearly and for feeling things more deeply, but also for expressing yourself with power. If you need to discuss matters that are considered complicated, this is a time for doing so, as others are more willing to look beyond the surface of things and to make an attempt to understand the more subtle elements of life. Wonderful energy is with you for thinking or talking through problems, with meaningful discoveries most likely the result.


The Moon’s move into the sign behind yours today can put you into observer mode, dear Leo. This is a day for power thinking and planning that benefits you greatly. While you can gain some powerful insights into your life and your next move, you’re also in an excellent position to talk things through. Conversations can run deep or touch you deeply. There may be newly discovered information about family, work, or health that adds a new layer to your understanding of a situation. It’s a time for breaking ground on emotional matters, which is welcome even in small doses. In fact, you may appreciate the pace with things coming to you slowly but surely. Advancing creative goals is favored. Rebuilding, redoing, and improving living conditions or arrangements can be satisfying now.


Today’s energies are particularly strong for rethinking a matter, dear Virgo. Efforts to refine, develop, or refine a plan can be well worth your while as Mercury and Pluto harmonize. It may be that further information comes to light, something hidden emerges, or you see a new layer to a situation that gives you a new perspective. Areas affected include learning, mental interests, communication, neighbors, contacts, transit, transportation, or siblings. This transit gives you an edge in your interactions. Your insight is so keen that you’re likely to get to the bottom of a complex problem. Breakthrough conversations or thinking can figure strongly. The day favors solving problems, finding patterns, and involving yourself in something absorbing and meaningful. You can learn something that helps you many times over.


Today’s energies are useful for solutions and resolutions, dear Libra. Problem-solving is particularly favored regarding money or home matters, and socializing can bring financial tips or money-making ideas. You’re in fine shape for talking or thinking things through as Mercury connects with Pluto in a harmonious aspect. You’re seeing the hidden layers of a situation or ridding yourself of the unnecessary. You can see what’s working in your favor and what is cluttering up your life, literally or figuratively. You might benefit from updating ideas and plans related to home, family, or money or devoting some of your attention to a project or studies. Recovering something that was lost or seeing something in a new light can figure strongly. The Moon moves to the top of your solar chart today, and you’re primarily focused on your longer-term goals and plans.


The Moon moves into your free-spirited solar ninth house today, dear Scorpio. While this transit opens your mind to new possibilities and encourages broad thinking, a transit today wants you to focus. A Mercury-Pluto aspect is excellent for turning your attention to what’s most important. You have an ace up your sleeve now since Mercury is in your sign and Pluto is your modern planetary ruler. Others are more supportive of your ideas, and appreciative of your insights. It’s an excellent time to make a presentation, pitch an idea, promote yourself or your work, or engage in a conversation that is meaningful to you. You might have new information to share. Breaking through a problem is possible now with something hidden coming to light. New connections formed today can be especially strong on intellectual levels.


The Moon moves into your intimacy sector today, dear Sagittarius, putting you in the role of observer for a couple of days. This helps you take advantage of another influence working for you now that encourages you to make sense of everything around you and to learn something valuable in the process. While you may be very wrapped up in your own little world today, it’s a supportive focus, giving you the chance to think more deeply about a matter. You might learn new things about your inner workings that helps inform future good decisions. You have a strong sense for what’s most worthwhile or potentially long-lasting. On another level, taking a closer look at business or money matters can be useful now. You may discover an untapped resource as you do. You’re reading between the lines, and it’s likely to help you out.


The Moon heads into your partnership sector today, dear Capricorn, and this signals a time of the lunar month when gaining a new perspective on your life can benefit you. You may seek out feedback or a companion more than usual now. A Mercury-Pluto transit is excellent for focus, concentration, and intelligent analysis. You’re on the ball, and you are more able than usual to understand someone’s motives. Seeing a different layer of a situation or person helps you make the right choices for yourself. Conversations can improve a bond, and interactions with friends can be helpful and healing. Terrific ideas can come through teamwork, networking, a friend, or associate. Others are taking you seriously!


The Moon heads into your work and health sector for a couple of days, dear Aquarius. You’re interested in handling your daily affairs and the details of your life, and this focus benefits you greatly. With a Mercury-Pluto aspect also in play, you’re in great shape for bringing more order to your world. You might learn new information that empowers you, particularly along professional lines. You might come over more powerfully than usual, and you’re likely to get favorable responses. Ideas related to professional and business-related matters can be golden. The use of strategy is especially important right now, as whatever comes up today tends to require extra thought and analysis, and is likely to benefit from a slow rollout. This transit can open your mind to a new level or layer to a situation, helping you make good choices.


Today’s discussions can be enlightening, dear Pisces, or your confidential conclusions are satisfying. Whether you’re talking or thinking things through, you seem to be able to break ground or get to a new level today. You might gain a greater understanding of a person, matter, or your own path or purpose. Or, you gain confidence as the result of your involvement in a team, or for contributions you make to a cause or group effort. Digging deep is favored right now. You seem to be able to sniff out what’s most worthwhile for you, and this helps you concentrate and prioritize. The Moon moves into your sector of enjoyment for a couple of days, adding a light layer to the day’s energies. You’re ready to spend more time fulfilling your creative, romantic, and happiness goals.


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