This is a good day for focusing in on work, health, or career goals, dear Aries, particularly related to strategy or determining your next move. Your insistence on breaking through the surface of matters and digging deeper can bring you to important discoveries. While there have been and will be more distractions in your life, it’s an overall excellent time for determination in your career or clarity regarding your life direction. If improvements could be made in your relationships with people you work with or for, this can be an excellent time to get started. It’s also a good time to handle a bad habit. You may be assuming a leadership role in an essential area of your life. It’s a fine time for looking carefully at the things that need to go for you to become more efficient. Even so, your spirit for adventure is high right now, and a nice work-life balance is entirely possible.


The week is dotted with fabulous aspects and some awkward ones, dear Taurus, and there can be ups and downs, but mostly ups! Today, a stabilizing, empowering influence affects your sectors of life, adventure, creativity, and love. A trip, adventure, or experience can bring about significant changes, a favorable legal outcome is in the offing, or you are connecting with people that help you see a brand new perspective. What falls into place now should help to stabilize your life in a supportive manner. You have a powerful sense of your priorities and what things need to be left behind so that you can get the most out of your life. You are passionate and full of resolve, and this inspires confidence.


Today and this week are strong for pursuits that involve eliminating, reorganizing, and streamlining, dear Gemini. Getting rid of the extra or unnecessary can be in focus and satisfying. It’s a time for truly seeing what it is that may have been tripping you up. You’re looking to get to the heart of a matter. You may be actively researching something today, and you can apply yourself with focus and dedication. You could feel a stronger sense of personal purpose through the support and backing of others. At the same time, you are likely to have something valuable and wise to offer them. It can be a good idea to settle debts and obligations and to let go so that you can move forward with less guilt and more freedom. Aim to rid yourself of unnecessary baggage and regrets. Strengthening your relationships is a theme today, as well, with the Moon in your partnership sector.


This can be a time for finding solutions and satisfying arrangements in love and relationships, dear Cancer. Today is strong for putting your faith in people, as well as for enjoying the rewards that ensue from believing in yourself and others. You’re aiming to learn from mistakes and grow, thinking about the long view now. You have a stronger sense of the long term benefits of taking charge. Circumstances are such that you feel inspired by–and have more faith in–your projects and connections. A constructive conversation or a productive partnership can figure strongly. The Moon spends the day in your work and health sector, and the need to attend to details and routines is stronger than usual.


Today and this week, there is a strong focus on self-expression and love, dear Leo. However, another theme is emerging at the same time, and it involves getting a handle on your work and money. Organizing with an eye out for getting rid of the unnecessary or frivolous can be in order now. You are finding ways to be more productive. Work, daily routines, and health can be areas that you are re-working and refining, from the ground up. Usually, these efforts take a lot of time but do be on the lookout for a new way to streamline these things. Be especially alert for opportunities to change your life for the better by merely simplifying! Your ideas can be especially attractive and unique to others right now, and the Moon spending the day in your sector of joy highlights your spirit.


While there continues to be much going on under the hood this week, dear Virgo, your creativity is blossoming, and the chance to express yourself can emerge now. You could be more willing to take the lead with a project, creative pursuit, or relationship. You’re also commanding more respect from others, especially in love. You might have an opportunity to make a connection with someone you used to know, advance a creative project, or make important refinements on one. Your increased patience goes a long way toward improving your connections and projects. Your focus on the long-term is useful. You can be enormously effective now as you draw upon your creative power and use it to make essential changes. The Moon spends the day in your home and family sector, encouraging a simple focus on your domestic life and those dear to your heart.


You are likely to feel needed today, dear Libra, and you readily lend others support. Today’s energies are not only about keeping things simple but also for finding ways to streamline your life in critical ways. It’s a time to embrace the concept that in some areas, simplicity enriches your life. Your efforts toward restructuring and organizing your life seem to be paying off. Overall this should be a rewarding time for coming to a better position in the management of your finances or resources and home life or domestic world. While this week has distinctly outgoing themes, you’re exceptionally security-minded and in a practical frame of mind right now. You seem to see a direct relationship between feeling more organized and self-confidence. This should be a generally positive day for self-expression.


This seems to be a period in your life that is conducive to turning dreams into reality, dear Scorpio, particularly communications projects and creative goals. Your personality is toughening up in some ways, and your powers of persuasion run high. You are finding your voice and discovering new channels for expressing yourself, and in the position to influence or inspire others. Meeting your responsibilities is satisfying now and this week. You can also feel closer to a relative or friend. Practical help and support can be in focus. If someone wants to rehash old topics, let them, because this can be an especially useful process right now. With the Moon in your solar second house all day, you may be more interested in building than starting something new.


The week holds many opportunities for discovery and self-expression, dear Sagittarius. Even so, there is another theme weaving through this time that involves learning about what makes you feel stronger. It’s an excellent time for getting rid of clutter or excess and even attitudes that have been holding you back from going after what you want. You might get the chance to eliminate non-essential possessions and unnecessary or frivolous expenses. Selling old things or finding new ways of using what you already have can figure now. Focus on clearing your life (and mind) of those things that you no longer need. Others are naturally drawn to you and admire your style today.


his is a strong day for proving something without ever setting out to do so, dear Capricorn! You are coming across as competent and reliable. There can be helpful opportunities now and this week to make long-lasting connections or to improve your friendships and associations. You readily assume a leadership role in a group or with a business project, or you are willing to take charge, and it’s much appreciated. Even so, with the Moon in your solar twelfth house all day, you may very well want to tuck yourself away or find some quiet time to absorb and process recent events. This is good for you at this time in the lunar month.


While there is a friendly and social theme this week, dear Aquarius, another influence in your life involves attention to your emotional world. You are realigning yourself and discovering what it is you truly want. You may not be able to move forward as quickly as you’d like. However, if you take things step by step, then you’re more likely to do things successfully. You can be quite moved to handle a problem, and you’re stricter about putting something behind you. Finding ways to eliminate waste or being proactive about a problem you’ve been avoiding can be satisfying now. It’s a positive, growth-oriented week.


This is a potentially strong day for bonding, dear Pisces, although it’s also a time for being a little stricter with yourself. It can also be a time for more clearly drawing some boundaries. You might enjoy a brand new perspective about a relationship. Working in teams or cementing friendships can figure strongly. The changes you make now seem to have long-term benefits and a significant, positive impact. Respect for yourself and others is key now. People in your life tend to be more responsible to you. You might be paring things down or getting rid of goals or associations that no longer serve their purpose. The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, encouraging you to consider recent performance or checking in with your goals and priorities.


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