TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Friday, 13 September 2019


Your determination to improve your health or work and habits is strong enough that you’re turning negatives into positives, dear Aries. You can make significant headway in your projects or establish a fitness or nutrition program that holds great promise. Look for ways to reform, renovate, upgrade, and reorganize your work. While methods to feel empowered open up, some things are hanging heavily in the air, and they keep you in limbo now. Watch for exhausting yourself, but also the other extreme–procrastination. There can be a real balancing act now! Fluctuating energy levels may be about inspiration, and pausing or taking a timeout can help you regain it. If you’ve been working too hard or doing too much for others, you can feel the drain now. It’s vital to balance out your life by making more time for spiritual, imaginative, and reflective activities. Otherwise, you might lose some of the motivation and spark you’ve enjoyed recently. If you have a past matter to resolve or if you’re dealing with some disorganization, keep in mind that getting over this hurdle can be a real relief. If you’re stuck dealing with routine, add some creative elements to the mix to keep motivation levels up.


Your desire to grow is dominant right now, dear Taurus. You instinctively recognize that if you stick only with what’s familiar, you won’t have learning opportunities. You can be determined to connect more deeply with personal interests, hobbies, and possibly even a person. People you meet or ideas you come across have you looking at the world in new and exciting ways. Even so, you can be wrestling with expectations, battling waning enthusiasm, or dealing with some confusion or uncertainty in your social life now. Something up in the air feels heavy or drains you of energy for now. People may be getting the wrong idea, or your desires are conflicting. Because you’re more sensitive today, others’ dramas can feel larger than life. Taking a step back from the action is appropriate until you gain some perspective. Don’t let a lack of direction leave you behind. Clarifying a matter with a friend may be helpful, but patience may be necessary before this happens.


This is a generally good time for taking charge of your emotions and turning negatives into positives, dear Gemini. Rehauling and improving something can be attractive, mainly related to home and family or a close relationship. Even so, something is reaching a head now, and it’s time to get in touch with areas of discontent. If you’ve been on a different page with a loved one about your goals or if a lack of direction weighs you down, this can be a time to face the issue. You may be flip-flopping between feeling determined and feeling uninspired, but it’s temporary. It can also be a sign that you need some time to find and connect with your passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration before pressing on. Find healthy ways to rest, escape, and renew your spirit, but don’t let your practical affairs slide too much in the process. Finding a better balance is what this Full Moon is about.


You may be connecting with people and information that helps you get closer to your goals, dear Cancer. Seeing problem areas more clearly or facing truths can lead to a restructuring of activities and massive improvements to your projects and possibly also your relationships. However, uncertainty or emotional revelations are possible now as we build toward a Full Moon. This lunation can stir up intense feelings of discontent, which is ultimately quite revealing. Your mind may be working overtime, or you could be facing some lack of inspiration. You may feel overwhelmed with activities. Pay special attention to the creative and imaginative side of your plans–it’s not the time to ignore your needs for inspiration and motivation. Keep in mind that the lack of a long-term plan can interfere with your presence of mind, or the opposite–if you’re pinning your hopes on something in the distant future, you may be missing current opportunities. Take time to reorient yourself.


You have a Sun-Pluto trine working in your favor today, dear Leo, helping you with your practical affairs. You may very well discover activities and projects that make full use of your talents and skills, and these can be showcased quite beautifully now. Your desire to improve, grow, and develop is strong, and this is especially true when it comes to income, work, and health. It’s a time for self-improvement through better attention to finances, work, and health. Even so, there can be some issues with boundaries, borrowing, or lending to manage. Or, facing up to recent excesses may be necessary. As motivated as you can be, you may wrestle with expectations or uncertainty. Guilt or ambiguity can drag you down and lead to wasted opportunities, so do what you can to nip neglect in the bud. If you discover that you don’t have all the resources or support you had anticipated, aim to discipline yourself or tone things down just a little. You may be so passionate about moving forward on a project that you are tempted to borrow from your future now, which may be cause for regret later on. Allowing yourself a healthy escape from the routine can be appropriate and helpful now.


Today’s Sun-Pluto trine is empowering, dear Virgo, with the Sun in your sign and Pluto encouraging you to grow and improve. Even so, energies are mixed today. While you can feel quite determined to give a particular project, relationship, or endeavor your “all,” a Full Moon and Mars-Neptune aspect can bring on a whirlwind of emotion. If you find that you’re suddenly running out of steam, it likely has to do with uncertainty in the relationship department or temporary lack of inspiration. Mars in your sign can get you going these days, often for your benefit, but sometimes it’s a little too easy to get all riled up. Today, you may find it challenging to either get in touch with what you want or to pursue your desires directly. Relying on yourself may be best at the moment! Fortunately, your resourcefulness helps you turn something old into something new, or turn a negative into a positive. This is also a time for riding on frustrations or hurts and using their energy to improve your life.


Excellent energy is with you for recognizing the need to make changes in your personal life, at home, or within, dear Libra. You can find useful ways to improve your emotional experience and domestic world today. Emotions are rising today with a Full Moon about to occur, and you may require some new dreams or refreshed inspiration. There can be ambiguous desires and situations today with Mars in opposition to Neptune. You may need to manage uncertainty in your social and work worlds. A chaotic or uncertain work or health environment is likely at the root of your frustration. It can be difficult to be clear about your direction, but it’s important to get things done even in the absence of clarity. It’s not the best time to reach a firm decision or conclusion or to make a big splash. If you find yourself questioning your motivation or enthusiasm for a particular endeavor, consider ways to bring more imagination into a project to revitalize it. Look for new reasons to feel inspired. Aim for moderation today, as errors tend to happen when we go to extremes.


You’re in a particularly good position with group-related or social matters, personal influence, persuasion, and effecting changes, dear Scorpio. It can be an excellent time to put something to rest that is no longer serving your needs to grow, evolve, and thrive. Even so, the day holds exciting but chaotic energy as we head toward a Full Moon and a Mars-Neptune opposition. Imagination is powerful, and maybe going a little too far temporarily, and mixed signals can abound. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a project, it may be better to take a break–some time away can refresh you, giving you the chance to get in touch with what you truly want and need. Areas of neglect, waste, or overestimation in your life can become more apparent. Handling these things can help boost your confidence and clear your conscience. Be on the alert for overindulgence or a tendency to accumulate too much–these things can leave you feeling behind. Ultimately you’ll feel stronger for learning which dreams work for you and which may be undermining you. You may need a bit of self-discipline now. If a friend does a temporary disappearing act or there is some lack of clarity in a relationship, it may be better to focus on making yourself happy.


With a Full Moon and a Mars-Neptune opposition now, dear Sagittarius, you can be see-sawing. However, this can eventually take you to a better balance as you see areas of imbalance more clearly! Aim to be easy on yourself today. Improving your domestic life or living conditions can be a priority, even if it seems you don’t have the time to do so. Consider that ambiguities in your living situation can leave you feeling uncertain in other areas of your life. If you’re feeling without an anchor or game plan, let this feeling redirect and reorient you in useful ways. Getting more acquainted with your needs and wants will help! Seek ways to inject more imagination into your projects or goals and deal with issues surrounding the home or family life that are leaving you feeling insecure or guilty. Another potential hurdle is waning enthusiasm, leading you to seek out new sources of inspiration if the usual ones are no longer satisfying. Even so, you may be tired or uncertain and need only a short break before hooking back into a dream, so give things a little time. Helping you to find your center is a Sun-Pluto trine that encourages you to see your priorities. You can completely transform a problematic situation into an opportunity to grow and improve.


You may battle feelings of restlessness or a need for change that’s hard to direct today, dear Capricorn. A Full Moon and a Mars-Neptune opposition seem to pull up areas of discontent, but these things help clarify your position, ultimately. Confusing circumstances could surround certain communications, or you may be waiting for an answer and feel in limbo. You may feel a little overwhelmed with a recent project or endeavor that you’ve taken on. Seek healthy escape routes that feed a need for fantasy, adventure, and idealistic thinking. Find alternate sources of enjoyment and inspiration temporarily until you regain your momentum. Indeed, it can be challenging to know when to insist on facts or to go with faith today, so aim to avoid jumping to speak or decide. While evasiveness can be frustrating, it might be better not to try to pin something down. Try to tap into the divine energy of the Sun-Pluto trine of the day. This is an excellent aspect for making renovations — lasting changes that refresh your life and that go deep, such as getting rid of bad habits, situations, and attitudes.


You can be quite sensitive to imbalances in your relationships as we head toward a Full Moon, dear Aquarius. This one is complicated as it happens at the time of a Mars-Neptune opposition. These influences can lead to a desire to escape, or they can be a real distraction from what you’re doing. Be more vigilant with money and sharing since it’s hard to see things clearly and boundaries can easily be crossed. Take care of your valuables, and consider ways to improve your life and relationships through more imagination, romance, and gentleness. Consider that you’re more sensitive than usual to the moods of people around you–if you’re not aware of this tendency, you can end up taking on emotions that don’t entirely belong to you! Making some waves now can be awkward at first, but ultimately a learning experience as a Sun-Pluto aspect encourages you to grow, improve, and prioritize. On an emotional level, taking charge and tapping into your inner courage makes sense. You may be facing a fear, kicking a bad habit, or vowing to improve your close relationships now. It’s a time to see self-destructive patterns or tired, old habits in your relationships that could use some renovation.


Better relationships can be a powerful motivator for self-improvement, dear Pisces. Pushing boundaries just a touch can work well for you now, even if it’s a little messy. Counseling, organizing, negotiating, and networking can be in focus. We’re heading toward a Full Moon in your sign today, and emotions run high. You may very well have an epiphany or intense realization now. Pay attention to what you’re feeling, although give yourself time to make sense of everything. Be careful not to hook yourself to something unless your heart is truly into it as Mars opposes Neptune at the same time as this lunation. If you feel overwhelmed, know that it’s temporary, and aim to take things step by step, day by day, trusting that you’ll get there! Aim to get more organized, too, since feeling on top of things helps you out in times like these. You could be feeling pressured by others or pushed into a corner when you’re not sure of what you want. Your passivity or evasiveness might be stimulating conflict now, so do what you can to clarify your position. However, avoid people-pleasing as well, as that has a way of coming back to bite you later. Find that balance!