This too shall pass and we will rise again!

It’s more to a month, things aren’t by itself not going proper – making alterations in every person’s life, routine, habits, interests and the like. And when I sit with a pen and my writing pad to scribble my thoughts, I can’t do away without referring to the phenomenon we all are through ‘lock-down’.

Simply, the people other who are categorized in the essential services have to remain back in their own houses. It’s what it really means. Yea, for a day or two we all are so happy to cuddle back home in the comfort of holidays, we get with our family members. But things aren’t so same this time. We are forcibly locked inside, to keep each one of us safe and be away from the pandemic Covid-19, and we don’t have any other choice.

Now, it’s our turn to transform our lockdown days memorable, wisely and effectively making use of the time for ourselves and of our dear ones around. Though the news updates from our locale and the world around scare us with the number of deaths each day, we try our best to keep ourselves all way positive and ushering in more hope for a better tomorrow.

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For some time, we really were ready to accept things as they are. And irrespective of age, gender, hierarchy, the careers that take our shoulders – people back home join hands in hands, talking endless to each other’s jokes, stories…, loving each other to the best of one could do as if there isn’t a tomorrow. Cleaning, washing, cooking, gardening, watching movies, even playing cricket and newspaper readings too they took a turn to read while others would listen.

In fact, by far and more we all keep ourselves busy, meaningful, entertaining and in addition to everything, working from home when that too is needed. Though packed completely, we hardly excuse ourselves from social media too, either it’s insta, fb or wats app, we keenly look for others as well update all our status too, awaiting the most immediate response. And one time I read a post of a friend of mine saying, the lockdown will definitely teach you, who loves you, who cares for you and who definitely will be with you, the rest of your life. After reading, I too felt it true to some extend.

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In time run, the lockdown days will produce without doubt many culinary experts, and the future days, many would be able to do away without food from restaurants and outside. As for my pride, I have my husband here who is by now an expert in jackfruit halwa, jack fruit chips, jackfruit payasam, jackfruit curry, jackfruit jam and even jackfruit squash, (well managed to dry some and keep for coming months too ) and my son no way far, he trained within time our Golden Retriever dog, Sara to have ripe jack fruit instead of meat. The same way we have many designers, artists and craftsmen all reborn again in a months period of ‘lock-down’.The time has even proved we have more teetotalers here, and well the stipulated period only remains a question mark. And the time indeed proved the actual ‘we’.

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So dear friends take it, if we could make this time by far and more this lot positive,it’s sure the future too will be safe in our hands. We shall overcome and we will !!!

Stay positive and stay safe!

Parvathy Ramachandran

Parvathy Ramachandran hails from Trivandrum, Kerala is Assistant Professor of English in TKMM College and began her career as a teacher in Al Noor International School, Bahrain. Fields of interest are: poetry, short fiction, Trans-Cultural Studies, Gender Studies etc and have presented the same in national and international seminars. Her articles on trending contemporary issues have come in some online platforms too.

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