There is A Danger Hidden in These Tranquil Waters!

The ‘lake’ looks beautiful welcoming one to dive deep into its serene waters. However, mesmerized, when they jumped into the waters, they were in trouble. After a few minutes of swimming, they had to rush into the hospital.

The incident happened in Cabana region of Galicia in Spain. A number of tourists were reportedly hospitalized after swimming in a highly-toxic “lake” in Spain, according to local news outlets.

The tourist hot spot, famous for its picturesque setting and turquoise water, is really a former open-pit mine. Tungsten, tin and quartz were once extracted from the mine — which was abandoned in the 1980s — and the water is still highly-contaminated with toxic chemicals.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the spot is nicknamed the “Galician Chernobyl” by locals. Officials often warn tourists not to enter the water, but several tourists searching for that perfect Instagram photo apparently did not get the memo.

The tourists are hospitalized due to rashes and digestive issues after entering the water. One tourist told the media that they began vomiting and developed a rash that lasted for two weeks after entering the water for a photo and another was hospitalized for “damage to the skin and digestive system.”

However, there are a few who says despite getting a nasty rash, “the picture was worth it.”
Due to the recent hospitalizations, the Salvemos Cabana environmental group has called for authorities to close the quarry to the public.