The Web of a Republic !

Oh,my Constitution!
Belongs to People!

All are Equally born,
Yet some are born privileged-
As ‘reserved’ citizens:

They beat meritocracy,
The new aristocracy!
This, our Democracy?

Oh no!

Thrust upon us,
Long,long ago…
So long ago ,
Not one soul has seen authors!

Perception plays havoc,
They say one ‘suit-boot man’ wrote it!

He was seated,
Donned the mantle,
No praying-mantis,
Nor a spider-man!

Oh,the web ?

A conspiracy untold,
To maim progress!

A stunted growth,
As a bonsai-plant,
The Constitution dwarfed!

My great Republic!

Honor our Laws,
Hail all lives,
Remove the barriers,
No more bars,
Let all breathe-
As equals, equally!

We aren’t animals,
To be graded,
Teeth counted too,
As gift-horses-
For the myth,
Of One Nation!

Uniform civil code ,
A classless society,
No more discrimination,
For past sins,
Of dead & gone ones!

Awaken all!

Sixty ninth anniversary,
Of a nation,
Still gasping for breath,
As inequities clasp justice-

Oh,my India!
Be as One!!

Jai Hind!!!