The Giant sculpture of Lord Gangadhareshwara can be another reason to visit Kerala’s Kovalam beach

A giant sculpture of Lord Shiva in Gangadhareshwara in the backdrop of rocks and the sea, could be another reason to visit Kerala’s famed Kovalam beach. After 6-year-long effort, P S Devadathan completed the sculpture, report Mathrubhumi news.

The 58-feet-tall sculpture is the tallest Gangadhareshwara figure in the Shiva temples in the state. Facing east, the concrete sculpture visualizes Shiva with his hair flowing in the wind and holding Ganga Devi on his head.

Beneath the rock where the sculpture is located, there is a Dhyana Mandapam in a cave-like chamber spanning 3,500 square feet. There are 27 steps leading to the chamber. Many sculptures related to the tales of Shiva are located here. The history of Azhimala temple also is carved inside the chamber.

It was priest Jyothish Potti who initiated the construction of Shiva sculpture in Gangadhareshwara figure in the temple. Sree Narayana Guru had reached Azhimala after placing the Shiva idol at Aruvippuram. It was his wish to build a Shiva temple here. Thus locals managed to construct the temple.

Sculptor Devadathan graduated in sculpture from Fine Arts College in Thiruvananthapuram. He completed the Shiva sculpture while pursuing post-graduation.

The sculpture was made in a way that does not affect the natural beauty of the sea. The sculpture was erected on a rock situated at an altitude of 20-feet from the sea to resist the wind and salty air from the sea, Devadathan said.

Courtesy: Pradeep Chirakkal, Mathrubhumi News