The fury

This is an English rendering of a poem written by eminent Malayalam poet Sugathakumari. In this prophetic poem, the poet envisions apocalyptic events caused by Man’s wanton greed and ruthless destruction of the earth. This poem gains a new significance in light of the recent floods that have wreaked havoc in South India. Editor 

The inferno has swept the feet of the Mountain King

Black smoke permeating the sacred chest

Hundreds of hills shattered into rubbles crashed down with the black powder we shoved in to the hearts

Fountainheads crushed and hundred thousand screams pulsating and pain chalking in the vast breast.

Sahya raised his head earnestly

Oh! hands demolishing hills,

The fire throwing hands, it’s too late.

Known this fact the bleeding mountains will curse you with droughts and deaths

In scorching heat thou shalt yell for drinking water to quench thy thirst

Else ways these ridges start the dance of destruction will pelt you with stones, trees and deluge

When it’ll fall upon you as final bolt where will you flee in the sheer agony?


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