Teach children how to navigate through misinformation & fake news, says Venkaiyah Naidu

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu today emphasized the need to teach children how to navigate through the misinformation and fake news that infest the media landscape.

Addressing over 200 young participants at the ‘Times Scholars Event’ through video conferencing today, the Vice President asked them to develop the ability to analyse and courage to accept the truth and discard the lies.

Expressing disappointment over the fall in the reading habit of children, the Mr Naidu highlighted the need to teach them to be intelligent and discerning readers amid the limitless information available today.

Quoting the former President Dr. Kalam, Mr Naidu asked the students to aim high and dream high.

The Vice President listed self-discipline, hard work, sincerity, perseverance and the ability to maintain equanimity in all situations as very important among others.

Observing that COVID induced disruption in academic schedule has caused anxiety and stress among many students, he advised them to not get disturbed by events which are beyond one’s control. He asked them to develop a strong emotional quotient and the ability to weather ups and downs in life.

He also advised students to practice Yoga regularly to improve their physical fitness, mental equilibrium and overcome stress and anxiety.

Drawing attention towards the tough competition in every field in present times, the Vice President advised the students to develop confidence and try to overcome all odds by striving to achieve excellence. He opined that education is meant for enlightenment and empowerment of an individual.