Reliance Shows its ‘True Face’ by Charging Incoming Calls; People Return Home to BSNL

Though it is reported as ‘an unexpected decision’, Reliance’s decision to charge outgoing calls to other networks, old customers of Reliance are not surprised for they have the previous experiences how the company loot people by free offers. Though they would defend themselves pointing out to the intricacies of TRAI.

The company that brought a revolution in the telecom industry with their free sim, the free package offers attracted millions of customers to it before it announced its withdrawal saying it will be free only for those who are members of ‘prime membership’.

The ‘stupid’ customers were still not ready to admit the business tactics continued sticking on to the network by paying around 100 (Remember 348.25 million prime membership makes a massive 34.8 billion Rupees). Soon Jio introduced its monthly subscriptions too.

The impact Jio made in the industry was huge that most of the other companies were wrecked, a few of them still struggling to survive. It is when most of the customers turn to their company, Jio starts charging 6 paise/minute from its customers for outgoing calls to other network operators.

Prima facia, this is just business though even a kid would realise it as a massive fraud. Media that generates millions from Jio’s paid news not only conveniently neglect this deception but further promote their business by adding colours to their PR works.

It is great to see people, though late return home, to BSNL who has been serving the nation for decades. There are factors that still keeps BSNL lag on its way ahead – especially the typical government employee who would receive their salaries even the duties vested upon them are not well executed.

As the government comes up with a ‘relief’ to BSNL for its revival, prime importance must be given to make the institution more professional and suitable for the changing times. A refined approach towards its customers is vital in the modern era, but this is possible only when there is a fear that the very existence of the employee is depended upon the way he executes his duties and the way he interacts with customers.

It is high time people in India realise the importance of public sector institutions such as BSNL and to unite to ensure its revival.

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