Rajya Sabha election will be notified before April 21, EC assures Kerala HC

The Election Commission (EC) assured that the election notification will be issued before the retirement of Rajya Sabha members from Kerala. The three Rajya Sabha MPs from Kerala will retire on April 21. The EC assured the high court that the notification will be issued before this. The court recorded this.

The court also directed the EC to inform the reason for postponing the election. The petitions will be held on Friday again. The EC had failed to cite reason for the postponement of election which was supposed to be held on April 12. With this, the court directed the EC to clarify their stand.

Rajya Sabha election can be conducted only after 19 days of issuing the notification. If the notification is issues just before April 21, then the election can be conducted only after 19 days. The assembly election result in Kerala will be announced on May 2.

With this, the current MLAs would not be able to cast vote in the Rajya Sabha election. The state government and the assembly secretariat pointed out this in the court. If the election is held early, the LDF can elect two members to the Rajya Sabha.