President Ram Nath Kovid asserts government remains singularly devoted to farmers’ welfare

President Ram Nath Kovind has said that India has taken great strides in several sectors and economic reforms have continued apace. He said, it has been supplemented by long-pending reforms in areas of labour and agriculture through legislation. He said, though the path to reform at the initial stages may cause misapprehensions, it is beyond doubt that the Government remains singularly devoted to farmers’ welfare. Addressing the Nation on the eve of 72nd Republic day today, Mr Kovind said, every Indian salutes the farmers, who have made the vast and populous country self-reliant in food-grains and dairy products. He said, despite adversities of nature, numerous other challenges and the COVID-19 pandemic, the farmers sustained the agricultural production.

Mr Kovind said, just as the hardworking farmers ensure food security for the country, the brave soldiers of the armed forces ensure security of the national boundaries amid severest conditions. He said, from the freezing cold at Siachen and Galwan valley in Ladakh with temperatures as low as minus 50 to 60 degrees Celsius to the scorching heat in Jaisalmer with temperatures as high as 50 degrees celsius, on land, in the skies and at the vast coastal areas, the warriors are vigilant every moment. He said, every citizen feels proud about the bravery, patriotism and the spirit of sacrifice among our soldiers.

Hailing the scientist fraternity, the President said, they have strengthened the national endeavours by their contribution to food security, national security, protection against disease and disasters and to different areas of development. He said, the scientists have been working day and night decoding the Corona virus and they have succeeded in developing the vaccine in record time. Mr Kovind said, with this accomplishment, our scientists have added a glorious chapter of contribution to the well-being of humanity. He said, the scientists, along with doctors, administrators and people from other walks of life, have made major contributions in containing the virus and keeping the fatality rate lower in the country, compared to that in developed countries.

Mr Kovind said, our effective response to the pandemic would not have been possible without our Constitutional value of Fraternity. He said, Indians have been like a close-knit family, making exemplary sacrifices to protect each other in the face of the common enemy of Corona virus. He spoke about the doctors, nurses, paramedics, healthcare administrators and sanitation workers who put their own lives at risk to care for COVID-19 patients. The President said, frontline Corona-warriors were ordinary citizens who turned out to be extraordinary.