Police lay siege to Sabarimala; Janam TV team stopped; Left media cabal turns govt propaganda machine


    The police on Sunday laid siege to Sabarimala and are not allowing media to cover the developments ahead of temple opening on November 5. While the state police chief Loknath Behra said there were no restrictions for media on Sabarimala, on ground, a team of Janam TV, who has exposed the government’s nefarious designs of violating age-old traditions, was stopped at Pampa. The police were surprised how Janam TV team could reach up to Pampa despite huge presence of police force from Nilakkal, some 50 km from the hill shrine. When the team cited that there was no restriction for media in the district magistrate order, they were told that SP had asked them to stop media.  According to a Janam TV reporter, the police have deployed about 20 personnel to watch him. “The police are trying to ring-fence me so that I could not take any visuals or report. It’s very intimidating.”

    BJP and Congress leaders allege that the government has created an Emergency-like situation in Sabarimala and Pathanamthitta district.

    Meanwhile other media outlets did not make it to Sabarimala and chose to rely on the government’s version. Asianet, the largest electronic media outlet headed by MG Radhakrishnan, a staunch Marxist and ringleader of Leftist media cabal in Thiruvananthapuram, has taken upon the task of dishing out the government propaganda.



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