PM Modi drinking cow urine: Illustration in Kerala Left publication stirs row

The latest edition of Adhyapaka Lokam (Teachers’ World), the official publication of CPI(M)’s trade union Kerala State Teachers’ Association (KSTA) has carried an article with a highly derogatory illustration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi drinking cow urine has kicked up a row in Kerala. The illustration has come in an article written by a Marxist teacher Babu Raj.

It is in poor taste. It shows the culture and moral deprivation of Marxists. These morons are not fit to be teachers, said a BJP leader.

The publication of the illustration shows the duplicity of Marxists. More than a hundred people were booked for “derogatory comments” on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan even as the Left-leaning media persons were raising their voice for Prashant Kanojia who was arrested for tweeting derogatory comments on UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

In another controversy, the Kerala government asked Kerala Lalit Kala Akademi withdraw the award given to a cartoonist who made a cartoon on ‘rapist’ Bishop Franco, saying that the cartoon had shown “religious symbols in poor light”.

“It shows the sick mindset of the Commies who will soon fade away from the political landscape of the country. They have no qualms in drawing Saraswati Devi in nude but tender apologies when it comes to other organised religions,” said B Venugopal, a BJP worker.

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