Pandalam royal family member threatens suicide if Sabarimala traditions violated

    The Left Front govt thinks the order of four SC judges is more valuable than the faith of six crore devotees

    Notwithstanding the statewide protests, the CPI(M) is making all efforts to take a few young girls hailing from ‘party villages’ to Sabarimala forcibly. Elaborate arrangements have been done. The CPI(M) has undertaken “motivational classes” to young girls to prepare them to visit the temple. It has activated many allied organisations encourage women to take up this “progressive and revolutionary” challenge and “become part of history”.

    Meanwhile, a senior member of Pandalam royal family, a former Communist, Sasikumara Varma, has said he won’t hesitate to “sacrifice his life” if the government went ahead with violating the age-old traditions. “Lord Ayyappa was a member of our family. If his temple is disgraced, I would not hesitate to sacrifice my life. We have a government that thinks an order four judges is more important than the faith of six crore people. There is no point in talking to them who are out to destroy Sabarimala,” he said. He said as per the agreement reached between erstwhile Travancore king and Kerala government in 1949, his family has the right to shut the temple if they find traditions are violated.

    Some women have also threatened they would commit suicide if the government went ahead with its sinister plan of forcibly taking young women to the hill shrine.

    A CPI(M)-inspired organisation, Pratidhwani, working in Infopark in Thiruvananthapuram has asked its members encourage maximum girls to visit Sabarimala as “it is a progressive step in the direction of gender justice”. The organisation, headed by one Maggi, a Christian, is said to be supported by Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, say sources. The CPI(M) is also organising awareness classes at local levels to encourage Hindu girls. Last time, despite best efforts they could not bring any Hindu young woman devotees to Sabarimala. All of them who attempted to go to Sabarimala were converted Christians. The media cleverly did not identify them with their surnames.




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